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  1. I would like to see this, I usually play as a Paladin and would love to see the religion I choose influce or change options in some cases. On that note though conversations with the priests or others should not start knowing you worship their diety, though this might make sense for a priest/paladin displaying their holy symbol, I don't believe if I'm a fighter every priest of my religion just knows I worship their diety. Make it an option to annouce your affliation if you had selected it during creation. it would also be interesting if the churches were one of the groups with which you could earn reputation with, though I would not make the rewards of such rep powerful so people would not feel like they had to join a church or particpate. Though on that note if you could earn rep with a church thru quests for discounts on services or the like and being a member merely boosted said repuation that would seem fair to those who choose not to worship a diety.
  2. I wouldn't mind for a New Game+ that allowed to you to start a new character with some benefits like past life perks.
  3. Well thats true I guess to an extent, but for every program their is always an attempt to idoit-proof it, one of the quotes I was shown when I first started learning to program was: Rich Cook "Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot- proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." As far as resting in BG goes, I guess some people chose to exploit it but I always felt resting it self was a result of the rules of DnD. They are based around an average 20% of your resources being used per equal level encounter. (Thats based on 3rd Edition rules, I can't exactly remember 2nd) And during 2nd Edition (the ruleset BG was based off of) Mages started with very little casting ability. I wouldn't mind having a time limit (like NWN) or limited rest areas though they could also take a middle route with various levels of rest, such that in the field it is not as effective as resting at say an inn. But I would also perfer the combat system support multiple combats in a row with out expending all of your resources. I always felt resting so often removed some the immersion, but it sometimes was needed to even have a chance to continue.
  4. I never enjoyed the change to the "dialog wheel" or similar in games. I would like to know what I'm going to say before I say it you can't really judge a persons reaction to a single work discription beyond a general idea of be serious or not. Timed conversations would prohibit this, also quick time events are not really my thing, sometimes if you aren't totally focused or expecting it you can miss out on an event or action that your character would normally take without second thought.
  5. I would like to see romantic options in the game, if the writers feel like it fits. I would perfer for it not to be forced or included just because we want. I always enjoyed them because I've always felt its part of my adventurers story. I understand their is usually an over arching plot like or adventure where the world faces a great evil for the players to overcome, but as a roleplayer and a DM the most memorable moments are rarely player and enviroment but interactions with in the party it self. What happens when you have those 6 people from different places and throw them together to achieve things. But what each companion started adventuring for is rarely the same. I liked the romance options like many others in BG2, but having played a paladin, helping Anomen achieve his knighthood was a close second to my interactions with Aerie. I love the interactions between companions and the growth of their characters. I really perfered NWN2 to first in that aspect. I would like to see companion questlines but I would perfer them to not be based around the romance, but usually around the companions history if the romanace changes dialogs or outcomes thats alright but I would like to see multiple outcomes regardless. I don't really feel the need for cutscenes I mean I don't really remember many cutscene type event occuring in any of these types of games. I would like the romance to end well, but I've never felt that the inclusion of "sexytime" is needed, If the writer so desires a quick blackout and skip was always fine by me. On the actual conclusion of the romance It would depend on the companion and interactions, for some marriage may be the end, or simply an agreement to keep traveling together. To address concerns about wanting this to be like a bioware game, I feel more like BG2 is an iconic example of the old Isometeric RPGS that Project Eternity is attempting to revive much like Icewind Dale, Fallout, and Planescape: Torment. I've played a great many of biowares recent games and I still feel BG2 out does many...especially after the introduction of the Wheel. I enjoy reading and actually understanding what my character is about to say and I would perfer to have more than 2 choices please. I should be able to be respectable and nice to a female character with out automatically locking into a romance. On another quick companion interaction note: I hate all the conversation building ocurring on the ship/or by the campfire. I much perfered games where they were random on entering areas or spread out as your adventuring, not oh I completed a story objective lets go talk to everyone now and see if they have anything to say.
  6. Just added to my pledge, so near the end I would like to be known as: Dragonmaster of the Obsidian Order
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