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  1. I answered no given the options. It would be interesting but with only 8 recruitable NPC, that is pushing the line too much. But yes if you do not develop a good relation with the NPC. If you cross him/her, if you play against his ideals, most NPC should betray you. Like if you decide to kill his relatives in his home village or desecrate the temple of his special deity. make it as complicated as you want but dont make it a second Yoshimo. I always dream (even replayed many hours) that there would have been something I could do to stop him from attacking me.
  2. Many people make a confusion between spirit and personality. I agree that by choosing the word "soul" Obsidian is a little at fault as in different cultures it has a very different meaning. I would count the spirit as the summum of experiences from all incarnations that goes trough reincarnation and the personality something that lingers on into the next lives at a maximum trough some complicated consequences but only by coincidence it would be similar.
  3. As much as I love RPG, I would save Civilization 4. I think one can teach a lot with it. And the game has endless worlds which makes it really hard to get bored of. But if I have to chose an RPG, I would probably save Morrowind; I somehow like BG and PST more but I feel I can spend many more hours in that open great game.
  4. Bucharest, Romania. RPG-ing is strong around here, check the Pirate Bay statistics Right now, Europe has more forum active than all the rest of the world combined. But I expect Americas to get better as their evening will come. I am more curious about the Kickstarter's backers spread, even an approximate one. I am sure that would be much more interesting for Obsidian.
  5. I got tired after the first page with people kissing behinds at Obsidian. We all agree that we want well made npc. But I want a little more of them. I want 1 for every race and class. That makes 11 if I am not wrong. I would love to be able to play any race and have a proper assortment. And I want all of those made. I dont want to use your adventure hall. I want npc to interact with. I dont know if you guys realize but you are brainwashed and brainwashing. PST is great. But it is not the only great and there are people who even beg to differ there. If I would be an Obsidian guy, I would be
  6. I love comedy in general, but what you described trivialised the issue of consent when drunk and reinforced a gender double standard that says that guys don't really mind "surprise sex." You're free to think this is hilarious and I am free to disagree. You are reading too much into it. I am speaking from my perspective. I am just a guy and not one of the smartest ones. Dont kick me too bad. Never said we should skip Jonny D - the sexy pirate. With cat ears if you like. I am afraid a nurse outfit on top would be too much.
  7. Not really a fan of "surprise sex," I must say, doubly so when used as so-called comedy... Comedy is part of life. Of course I was exaggerating with a cliche there. Of course never happened to me. I mean it looked like it but there are no half orcs in Romania. Dont tell me you are against nurse outfits as well.
  8. If it is done well, I am for it as I am for any other relation building with any npc. Feed the fans a little. But what I want, in order to feel real, is to be able to bang a girl here and there. I am a hero, there should be some groupie in a city I saved ready to show me all her specially shaved parts. Or a night of drunkenness and in the morning I am found out in the ample arms of the ugliest half-orc girl, telling me how much she loves me. Or a witch possessing me for some evil purposes. Anyway, you dont have to show me real arts of the bodies. I dont mind but we have to be able to sell
  9. That choice was psychically painful. I went with Baldur's Gate as my connection is stronger there (it was my first played RPG after I got my own computer) but PST, Arcanum and Fallout 2 are really on the same level. Not to mention how much I enjoyed most of the others. Shame on you for making me feel this pain Ieo. You also made me do my first post on this forum
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