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  1. A god of spaces and places. A bottle-breaking-on-a-ship kind of ritual is always followed as a perfunctory show respect for this deity, who sanctifies and protects the integrity of sites used by people. Considered a third-tier deity by most, the space-god's most devout fofllowers are derided as hole-worshippers. Persecution of hole-worshippers occurs every time they are discovered occupying the ruin of another deity's temple, as they are perceived as squatters encroaching on others' worship. They, however, see their behavior as an attempt to prevent the loss of their god's dominion ove
  2. Any word on whether the extra $100k+ over the $4mil buys another level in Old Nua's? Saw this idea batted around during the last day of the KS, and I think Feargus liked the idea but wouldn't commit at the time.
  3. Just upped my pledge! Put me down for Eunu, Seer of the Obsidian Order!
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