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  1. Okay I found the exit on level 3, and now the map shows 3 levels but only has icons for 1 and 3, is this intended?
  2. I have the same bug, only level 1 is visible on the map, and if I'm on a lower level the "cursor" is in the middle of the level 1 map.
  3. Oh come on, give them a break! Many breaks given! I appreciate the hard work it takes to put a list like this together I'd like the title Undead Commander of the Obsidian Order, please
  4. For the longest time I was sitting at an $80 pledge, but decided I wanted the collector's box and the expansion so I upped to $185 (140 + expansion + shipping). Then I realized that it would only need to be $180 incl. shipping so I said what the hell and made my pledge $188 so I can join the Order. May I become Undead Commander of the Obsidian Order?
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