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  1. Good to know. I think after a few months of debugging and polishing the game willl feel better. Now if they would license out their engine, assets or whatnot we might get awesome games on a more frequent scale. I'm sad that I don't have anything else to play now.
  2. It took me 109 hours to finish my first game. I've left the game running, while being AFK and therefore the actual playtime is maybe around 90 hours. This duration should tell you: A) I did enjoy the game B) You get a lot of playtime for your buck (regardless the quality) C) I have probably experienced a LOT of the content. First I want to thank the devs for a good game and I want to express that I had fun playing it. This said, it wasn't all wonderful .. Here is my hopefully constructive feedback: - Why sidekicks? I did collect them all, but I never used them. To me they are the sa
  3. May I don't think that it's time related as I basically stakeout the bar for a whole day to see if she would show up and unfortunately she didn't... Can you think about anything that you have done that could have fixed the issue? Maybe you need to soulbind the weapon and do some levelling of your bond? I wasn't even looking for the owner and randomly found her there. I did level the sword a bit before. I'm not sure, if this is the solution.
  4. Honestly though Pstone it’s worth it to just do a live and learn pass through the game to get a grasp on where things are and to build Tokens of Berath for another play through. Yes, there still seem to be some bugs in it anyhow. And you will most likely play it again with the DLCs
  5. You mean the Godlike quest? You have to answer his stupid quiz exactly. Again a moment I find that the sword is the more satisfying response. Thanks, feliznav. I'll try to figure out the 100% and then see, what I do. I like to avoid violence, if possible.
  6. I'm not a fan of timed quests either. It's easy to mess them up because there are so many quests and things to do. I was lucky in this case. I'm currently reloading Cpt. Tatzatl again and again. Seems no matter what I do/say it's the same result. Might be intentional. But it's mean.
  7. Do you remember how exactly you did that? No sons died in duel,too. I have Valera already agreeing to meet, and can get Bernadetto to agree, but if i go back to Valera with the good news they are all about the vault and won't talk about anything else... Thats probably it. Since the quest "Family Feud" was marked with two skulls, i didn't immediately return. Damn i hate timed quests. Hated them in Torment:Tides, now they poison this game too. As if everyone can play the game in one go and remember exactly when which quest started... As someone else mentioned, maybe you waite
  8. I still had my savegames and there were quite some references so far. Small ones in adventure book mode and some characters in the GAUN temple. I didn't compare it without any save. I would assume you lose some minor things, which aren't important.
  9. I did that quest as well and was able to reach a peaceful outcome. I even snitched. I got them to meet and argued that if the Valera are on the sea, they can't cause problems. Maybe I should mention that none of the sons died in the duel. That might influence it?
  10. Good day, Since I'm not part of any testing and didn't have a chance to play the game yet, I can't say much to your improvements and adjustments. It sounds great that there seems to be a lot of conent available and that it's fun. The pictures/icons look alright. Take your time to deliver a finished game and I'm sure people are going to love it. So far I'm very optimistic from what I have seen and heard. Happy thanksgiving etc.
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