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  1. At least I know it's being worked. That fix doesn't since this MacBook doesn't have a discrete GPU.
  2. That is what it says. It's unlikely it's being reported wrong. So anyway back to the issue. What do I fix this?
  3. I crash to the desktop every time I switch zones. System specs: MacBook Pro 13"(late 2013), 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 16gig RAM OS X 10.10.4 The log file wasn't in the place specified in the sticky.
  4. I am having an intermittent crash when switching between zones. It doesn't always happen and at times I can go an hour or more before the game crash. When this crash occurs the game shuts down and there is no crash window and/or error message. This is OS X 10.10.4 and current game patch from GoG.
  5. I have patch 1.06 and the issue is that I can't gain enough faction with the any of the factions. There is no option to select burned all bridges. The donnells faction is a total loss as I ended up killing everyone in the house. For some reason I didn't get the Winds of Steel quest after completing the previous quest.
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