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  1. no xp for killing things works well in games where you can solve most/all encounters differently (sneaking, talking etc), not in games like this where the best loot come from bosses (that you have to kill) and that tank character in your party probably isn't going to be able to sneak past those ogres standing in your way. That said I do not want the mandatory grinds som IE games had, "and so the great hero went out into the wilds to kill twenty kobolds so he could reach the appropriate level to save the world", thats boring and immersion breaking imo
  2. I think more focus on player choice and consequence in the main story is important, but gameplay-wise I don't think they should attempt/need to change that much.
  3. Yeah, I'm really happy that death is something permanent, I used quickload in BG anyway and resurrection is too easily available in those games, it breaks immersion big time.
  4. Just decided to add some extra to my $165 pledge for this I'd like to grab the title of Drunken Mage of the Obsidian Order! profile: http://www.kickstart...ofile/750566993
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