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  1. Sounds great! I'm so excited for the game. You guys are doing an impressive job so far! Thanks for that!!! However, one question just to make sure I got it right: I donated twice via Paypal. First I got the 35$ basic package and after that I donated again for the 25$ beta access upgrade. So, as I used the same Paypal account for both (of course), you guys will automatically recognize this and put those two donations together? And moreover since I'm using the same mail adress for this forum account you'll automatically be able to add the "backer" status to this account? Or will there also
  2. Wow, good job everyone! I'd like to thank everybody who pledged and so gave Obsidian the chance to create this impressive game. I'm really excited for the next updates, Obsidian is going to show off to us. Best regards, Vio
  3. This is what Obsidian said: So I think it's no problem to contact them via mail about your issue. Everything should be fine with your forum status x) Best regards, Vio
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