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  1. What exactly makes you so sure about that? Because Obsidian are not children. They know what they are doing. In fact, they've been doing it for some time now. To assume that they would do something just because a few people out of an audience of millions made a stink, especially if the change is as minor as some flavor text, is ridiculous. I know they are not. They know exactly what they are doing, like you said. Changing the epitaph was an attempt to swipe this whole thing under a rug, trying not to take any sides. The guys at Obsidian are no fools.
  2. What exactly makes you so sure about that? Are you an employee of Obsidian Entertainment? With the exception of Dungeon Siege III, I own every single game Obsidian has ever released, and I have enjoyed every single one of them. I also know how PR works. If their head of PR(or the CEO) thinks it is better to "cave in"(or to **** their pants, as I call it), and just change a single goddamn epitaph(that is totally irrelevant to the gameplay anyway) and be done with it, instead of facing a ****storm from the so-called "social justice warriors", they will do it. Obsidian Entertainment is still the best game developer out there in my opinion, but I'm not satisfied how they handled this case.
  3. Obsidian didn't only "cave in" when they changed the epitaph, they immediately shat their pants, without a further thought, when someone, trying to represent a minority got upset about whoknowswhat. As I read it, the original epitaph had a male character, who was (or was pretending to be) a proud heterosexual, conquering women left and right. Then one night he got effing wasted, and ended up having sex with either a very feminine man, a transvestite man or a transsexual man. This made him feel so confused and ashamed that he ended his own life. Would the epitaph have been less offensive, if it featured a proud homosexual Dorn Lightbringer, getting wasted and having a sexual intercourse with a very masculine looking woman, and feeling severely confused and ashamed, and finally ending his own life? This whole situation reminds me of the debacle(both the contemporary and the modern day) around Jonathan Swift's poem, the Lady's Dressing Room. "Feminists" always seem to interpret it as a misogynist text, when in reality, it only mocks the male protagonist for being an ignorant fool, and expecting women to be angels, when in reality they are they are just humans, equal to men. Edit: Misspelled the name of Swift's poem...
  4. This also seems to happen, if a companion dies and you reallocate their items to other companions. My mercenary fighter got killed, and I didn't wish to reload. I looted his corpse and gave most of the items to Kana. Among them were the Torc of the Falcon's eyes, a minor ring of deflection, Fulvano's gloves and a brigandine. These were the items that disappeared, my deceased merc's weapons were still in my inventory, and I believe the quick items were as well. Kana had the first three items equipped and the brigandine was in his or someone else's inventory. Curiously enough, I didn't seem to lose Edér's (meager) gear when he died. I still have his armor in my stash, while my merc's brigandine vanished. Edit: I'm running the game on Steam, and naturally have the latest patch installed as well.
  5. No. I'm all for seeking separate funding for future expansion packs, but now I'd just rather have them focus on finishing the game, instead of adding non-essential things in it.
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