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  1. I've added cipher focus gain column to the spreadsheet. Here is the logic, if anyone want to double check everything: 1. basic focus gain is 25% of the damage dealt (verified with the CheatEngine to see the fractional values of the focus) 2. draining whip adds flat bonus of 2 per hit, here hit means any attack that connects, including grazes so the formula is: (average focus gain) = 0.25 * (average damage) + 2 * (number of attacks) * (1 - chance of miss) to get the correct values, you need to set the damage mod manually to the correct value: 1.2 for regular soul whip and 1.4 for
  2. Try the slowest weapon you can find. Put on heavy armor too. Maybe an ability that slows you down.
  3. Seems to me that the attack and recovery animation times are modified correctly (17/1.24=14, 31/1.24=25), but the 4-6 frame transitions are mostly unaffected by dex. So the formula is attackTime / (1 + dexMod) + transitionTime. The question is whether the transition time is different for different weapons. Also, the relationship between attack time and recovery time is exactly like Sensuki has said: recoveryTime = attackTime * 1.2 (global mod) * 1.5 (1h penalty)
  4. It's probably just precision issues in the data. For example, 98*0.5 is 49, not 51. I don't think errors of 1-2 frames are meaningful.
  5. Oops, yeah, that was a typo. Was supposed to be 59.67. I'm more of a theory person Would be happy to help analyze the data, but recording is not my thing.
  6. Also, considering the small (couple of frames) variation between measurements, reported in this thread, does it seem very likely that many weapons in the spreadsheet actually have the same timings, instead of a bunch of different values in the 50-54 range? Could someone verify it and clean the data up? E.g., all slow ranged weapons are actually 50/75.
  7. Looks like the Dex bonus is applied as AttackTime/(1+Bonus), instead of AttackTime*(1-Bonus) as the chant does. E.g., 74/1.24=59.67 - matches observed. For the ALL case, REC = 74*(1+0.2+0.5-0.2)/(1+0.24)=89.5 - also works. EDIT: fixed a typo in the numbers.
  8. I agree that the interface should be more modern, in the vein of NWN or DAO. If not, at the very least, the panels should be on the sides of the screen, not bottom. The screen is narrow enough as it is.
  9. So, have you heard of the new beard technology from AMD?
  10. One respec per character per game. Problem solved.
  11. An obvious idea is to have light armor with better evasion stats and heavy armor with better damage absorption stats. The problem is to balance both properly, otherwise you'll have the same problem as in DAO, where a DEX tank was almost always better than a VIT tank.
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