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  1. I think it sounds like a fantastic idea if not some form of crazy hard drive space eating monster.


    You would have to have a save most recent battle replay / enable option. Or maybe it only works on bosses because otherwise it's going to eat up A LOT of space which is the only downside to recording - that is IF your PC can even handle it.


    Technically it isn't hard to implement setup your record software - include a "is game paused" flag and have the recording software record when your out of pause. Hopefully streamlined.


    Good idea +1 /like UpVote, ThumbsUp etc.. etc..

  2. First name Second name.

    First name Double-Barrelled Second name.

    My name has three parts to it.


    So, make it a string for first name, second name and allow symbols. Script wise, why do just ONE choice so everyone calls you by your first name or second name.


    Surely it would make sense story wise/geographically/station wise etc.. to have some people call everyone by there first name, others to call people Sir Surname, others to call people by there full name, others to call you by your race/type/achievements/rank etc..


    The more varied it is the better and the more immersed you feel.


    EG. Juneau Daley, some characters would call me 'Juneau' Others might call me 'Sir Daley' others could call me 'Juneau of *insert town of birth* others might just called me 'Juneau Daley slayer of Dragons' and so on and so on.

  3. OP, I actually think it could be a good when you take into consideration the introduction of the Stronghold. It opens up a lot of possibilities where STORY wise you can marry, become a feudal lord/lady. Heck for all we know there could be several and I'm going to say "romanceable" characters (note: I haven't mentioned sex/erotisicm etc...) in the two BIG cities.


    Now say this Stronghold assigns you a reagent (as in someone who cares/runs the Stronghold whilst your away) what's to say you can't replace the Reagent with your Husband/Wife. It doesn't have to be massively complicated or complex but it add's a little more Story to a game and instead of having your Reagent send you missives with updates on your Stronghold, your spouse does.

  4. I much prefer the whole "running around looking for stuff to do" then the "OMG STOP GIVING ME STUFF TO DO, I JUST WANT TO GET BACK TO TOWN!"


    I suppose it comes down to how much time/effort they can afford to put in making a large game, larger. Hopefully they can throw in low density content and appease the other crowd with a more intuitive fast travel system? (horse/taxi service between towns).

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  5. Doesn't it all depend on what the fetch quest is for?


    I mean.


    "Get 2 Dragon Bones from "Fire Dragons"....


    Sounds like a time sink and generic go kill X amount of these and in the process maybe gain a level but if you suddenly throw in two possible story lines.


    You meet Bronk a Dwarven Armoursmith yadda yadda - can make new types of Armour using Dragon Bone but he's short on materials. If you want "insert type of armour" then you need to bring me "see quest name".




    One of your companions is a collector of rare / valuable items and he hasn't managed to hunt down a Fire Dragon, will you help? In the end you have a dragon head mounted in on the wall in your house or something ^^.


    Bad examples but that's why I'm not a story writer.

  6. It would be nice if someone spent some time coming up with a seriously complex "death" mechanic. Which has been mentioned by a few people already where if you hit a person in Heavy Armour you don't somehow magically decapitate some ones arm. But if your using a warhammer/maul then you could in effect crush it and render their arm completely limp.


    And if you do manage to take someone's lower arm of this completely stuns/disarms/disorientates them so they don't instantly start swinging (unless it's the undead then they don't really register the loss of an arm).


    I know its pause / organise attacks / let hell fly and possibly if they go the FO way / kill cam. I won't really mind as long as everything doesn't just explode or cover the entire screen with blood. There is realistic, there is fantasy and then there is just too much.

  7. Dragon Age:Origins was a fantastic game, and well played - That was shown and proven through Steam play hours etc..


    Dragon Age 2 *spit* imho is no where near as awesome as the first, it was a piss poor attempt to change DA:O into something different like they did with ME1 to ME2.


    The problem was very few people wanted to play a fantasy version of Mass Effect (after all Mass Effect was awesome) what we wanted was a bigger badder version of DA:O not some watered down action game.


    Saying all of that the ONE THING that overly ticked me off about DA2 was the fact they used the same building/underground cave FOR ALL of the exploration. We went from having this huge world of areas we travelled to and from to this tiny town that didn't change but with a different gate open. Urghhhhhh. Can we just ban the words "Dragon, Age" and the number "2" when used in that context.


    Way to take one of the best RPGs since NWN/BG and throw it out the window.

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  8. I would prefer them to die and stay dead however in other games the amount of times an ally dies due to stupid AI/lag/bug/random effect/falls of cliff etc.. etc.. I'm glad I can have it set to "maimed". I would play with them so if they die they die and maybe when the games out I will but it depends on what the AI is like.


    ps. I have played 'real' mode in lots of games and sulk when I do die..... But thats my fault not the AIs.

  9. This is one of those things that for the sake of it I wouldn't include as the default - Most people pick wizzards/mages/casters in any and all games for the ability to hurl fireballs, zap foes and freeze enemies at will. If you severely limit casting it although it will massively improve the story/lore/tactical requirement to get the right combination (imho) you instantly switch off an entirely fun aspect of the game for many players.


    It's good to have but only of you want it on.

  10. I would like stronghold to reflect my character.

    If i'm a priest i'd like to turn my stronghold into huge temple, or if i'm a wizard i would like something that goes with the theme of wizards, like sphere from BGII.


    That is actually an insanely good idea! Though I suppose that would mean the game devs would have to in effect make 10 versions of it and I don't think they would do that :'(


    Awesome idea though!

  11. My opinion on this matter is quite simply this. Everyone has their own preferred way of playing. I like the ability to save whenever I want (I never save in combat though because for all I know it could be 2 hours since my previous save and the fight I am in is pointless)


    Though I did like new Vegas style (choose some extra game perks -crazy aliens) and I do like the ability to say, I want to play on Hard difficulty against mobs who will chew my face off BUT potions/heal spells give me full health and so on.


    Least with options you can choose how you want your game play to be rather then just choosing normal/medium/hard. I can only assume though that it's almost impossible to include within a game.

  12. I'm all for it - To use Skyrim as an example - My super ninja play through (Stealth+illusion) resulted in me killing as little as possible - The problem ended up being I got far through the game and some fights were just annoying because I had almost no offensive capability and due to bugs/tight areas stealth wasn't fully an affordable option. So I had to go on a few massacres to get my dagger skill up.


    XP For achieving targets/goals/quests/achievements is the way it should be done. XP for killing.... urghhh I suppose I can understand if it were weapon skills or something but I'm all for on completion's of tasks.

  13. Everything that has been said already about being able to build it up with upgrades (I think Dragon Age did this) and it was awesome.


    + all the story side elements to it, hiring staff, guards, building up the local population and finally have a quest line that see's you under siege with the overall outcome determined by your previous quest progression (hiring GOOD staff/guards/building up etc..)


    Would be pretty awesome but I do like that if you invest you get more out of it.

  14. Awww thanks guys/girls!


    This thread single handedly has restored "some" faith in online communities :p Far too many have fallen fowl off "the keyboard warrior/troll generation".


    MonteCarlo thank you for the very kind offer however I feel we shall purchase/donate the amount to get the two copies ourselves (It will in fact be done shortly after this post, once I sort out my pay pal account). Save that copy for someone more deserving and less lucky. Such as 'that friend' who is no doubt too stupid to back such an awesome idea and donate!


    Again thanks for the replies and the well wishes!


    Seeing as I've not had much chance to follow the campaign since it's announcement and I had to put off donating till after the wedding I will hopefully be around a bit more in the future catching up and posting about PE so see you around the forums.

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  15. WoW!


    Thanks guys I was really worried I was miss-understanding what each tier offered and with there being two days left and me working two insanely long shifts back to back I was worried I would make a mistake, donate an incorrect amount or choose an incorrect pack. $200 I think is just outside of my available money (pay day is a few days away and the wedding has cleaned me out).


    But I can certainly do the $140 package with the $20 shipping and as SqueakyCat suggest I can always just buy the expansions as and when,it doesn't help with the fund raising now but it will still put the pennies in the creators hands.


    Thank you for the quick replies and thank you for not calling me an idiot and telling me to go find the information out myself. Hugely appreciated.

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  16. Hi everyone,


    I'm a huge fan of every game Obsidian is responsible for and my wife is also a recent RPG convert though she hasn't played any of the older games. We're thinking we can afford to donate around £110 (around $170 which is a lot considering I just graduated/moved across the country (after quitting work for 8 years to study full time), got married and made my now wife go unemployed so she could move with me to my new area/job.) but we have a question.


    We would like to donate up to around $165 so in effect we get 2 copies of the game and 2 copies of the DLC - BUT I would really like the collectors edition and cloth map (because I have a few old ones framed).


    Is there a way to get the collectors edition and 2 versions of the game/dlc if so what amount should we donate (include international shipping please).


    Hope someone can reply by tomorrow night so we have time to donate correctly.




    Juneau & Alphecca Daley.

    England, UK.

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