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  1. I didn't see this thread first time around but now that I have;



    Below is a thread on magic & muskets and a thread I made with an idea for a firearms sub class (rogue/ranger).


    I see no reason why pistols can't be included in the game, there not the modern day accurate people killers - there probably less accurate and reliable compared to that of a bow but they are very much fire and forget, point blank / very short range lethal devices with a long time to reload.





  2. Having started IWD2 again I have a vague remembrance that when I played it originally my party was as follows;


    Paladin - Main Damage Soaker

    Rogue - Lockpick / Dodge

    Ranger - Pure ranged damage

    Ranger - Pure ranged damage

    Sorcerer - Pure charisma/diplomat - Think I had shield ability


    And I literally went down the rain death upon everyone as they closed the gap and used my Paladin to intercept those closing the range and if they got too close my Rogue had dodge and acted as a buffer for the rangers and sorcerer.

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  3. Hypothetical situation: Village is being terrorized by marauding bandit types, local lord is at war (and most of the village men are serving in his army,) and can't be bothered to do anything about it. Your "non-lethal CQC tranq-dart takedowns only" character has volunteered to solve the problem. You go sneaking into the bandit camp, you choke them into unconsciousness. Now what? When they wake up they're not going to say "well we'd better leave those villagers alone, that guy who won't kill us is bound to stay there for the rest of his life and make robbing/raping those villagers impossible for that timespan!" You can't expect them to give up their lives of pillage and slaughter because they got knocked out that one night without getting drunk. What do you do, go back to the village and tell the women and children "all is well, sleep with your doors unlocked, your salvation has been guaranteed!" and move on?


    This is why none lethal playthroughs in most games make no sense.


    (not when armies are involved because they follow legal orders and have no choice)

  4. I think everyone will have different opinions on what a Rogue should do based upon what games they have played. Because one thing's for certain they all use them differently.


    Some games don't even see them as a stealthy lock picking type - They use the literal term for them as scoundrels rascals - scruffy dirty brawlers (FIGHTERS)


    Personally I like to think of them as a vary "varied" class with support and dmg roles - even ranged : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62067-pistols-pirates-multiple-black-powder-pistol-build/

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  5. Hogger...


    He was insane and way above his station for the area he was in - In the MMO world he caused players to group en masse to take him down.


    I then proceeded to go back and kill him when I was level 60 for revenge.


    My point - I don't like "impossible". I like "improbable" or "insanely tough" but I don't want something in the game I can't eventually beat. It would be good if perhaps early game you were to be harassed by some form of 'enemy' be it a green Dragon or Werewolf demon etc.. But as the game progressed and you neared a high level you could return to that area and potentially free the people (make them as tough as the toughest people in the game and throw them at you early so you have to avoid em - story/clues included. And that way when you are of a level of grizzled veteran and hero of the world - there are a few challenges still out there.

  6. Personally crafting has always been a funny issue for me because 99% of RPG's what you can craft is always worse than what you randomly find - However it's normally a bit better suited due to the fact you can stack stats easier whilst you wait for the better found items.


    What I would personally like to see is ZERO crafting built into my characters/party but incorporated into the Stronghold design with improving the quality of stuff available to you by investing in them (not necessarily on a money basis as in the new Diablo game) but in a similar fashion to Diablo.


    You don't do it, but you can improve him by delivering recipes and new materials. I don't mean "Random Name, Hide Bracers of, Random Type" because that's just **** an annoying.


    I mean like I find a Mithril mining node or something smelting blacksmith who provides you with notes on how to craft that material - from there you then pass this note to your Stronghold quartermaster who in turns provides that detail to all your Crafters - They then incorporate this into there available craft items list within a weeks time or something and from there you then have access to all craft items of a similar type.


    That way at least you can "easily" get access to the recipes with a bit of exploration/google and you don't spend hours farming for mats to make a sword you then replace the next day :p

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  7. As this is going to be a PC game and only a PC game and most people have access to multiple monitors or "large widescreens" I would love to see a multiple monitor addition such as;

    • Main screen = game
    • Second Screen = Journal, available spells on characters, health starts, mini map





    side note - second screen only accessible when game is in pause.

  8. Every society, culture past present and future have drugs in one form or another.


    Go back to ancient times when people used to eat plants because they 'healed'.


    So yes, drugs should be in the game whether they're used for benefit or for misuse (think tobacco/alcohol - there pastime drugs and legal most places).


    So it wouldn't surprise me in any "human" representation of a society even a fantasy one can have drugs.

  9. I'm terrified of spiders - Not to the point of an actual phobia but just to a sheer level of "holy f*** get that thing away from me!".


    Normally I go get the cat or my wife to remove said species from the house. If I know its there i get itchy, scratchy, can't rest, fidget and so on. However in game/on TV it doesn't bother me. In fact, I normally go out of my way to kill the bloody things on TV.


    Without "attacking" the OP - There is no way they should or could remove Spiders from the game to handle ONE phobia. What do they then do about the thousands upon thousands of phobias that exist. http://phobialist.com Fear of numbers - Sod it get rid of the stats system. Fear of fire - get rid of fireballs and so on and so on and so on.


    You can't do it. Unfortunately OP there is no way a game can cater to people of certain phobias if they did it would open a door that resulted in the game never being made. You wouldn't even end up with a blank screen ( Fear of Black ).

  10. I like where your head is at with several of your ideas, but I'd prefer to see this play style allowed through the selection of feats/perks rather than making a single class out of it. That way, various classes like rogue, fighter, etc could work elements of firearms into their playstyle in the degree that they choose. A rogue could semi-specialize in them to achieve the result you're proposing, or a fighter could take one or two feats to have an "ace up his sleeve" for just the right moment.


    Also, I'm a huge fan of the idea of customization through vast options. And such an idea is better served by having fewer base classes and more feats/perks that make your rogue, wizard, fighter, or cleric unique when compared to others who share their base class. Just my opinion though. Doesn't mean much. 8)


    I can see your idea being more plausible to Obsidian in terms of introducing the use of multiple pistols as for customisation I would prefer all classes to be able to use all abilities (with bonuses applied depending on class>trait etc..) But I also don't mind the idea of classes having restrictions and the reason I feel this would work better is because - Anyone can use a pistol but only those with specific training can use it in combination with a blade and switch between the (3/4) guns to use them in such a way to do something other then hurt people that I think a class/sub class type of ranger or rogue would be needed to make it plausible lore wise.


    I wouldn't mind either way - I would however really like to use single shot - long reload - massive damage black powder pistols (because I think in a fantasy setting they would be awesome).

  11. If there are going to be pirates, there's going to be a "Law and Order Justice Force" too. Fighting Pirates and Wizard's alike, Mage & Pirate Hunters. Sounds like 3 factions right there (Wizard, Ruffian, Police/Military).


    I use Pirate more as an idea for what it would look like - Not an actual of the Sea pirate though I suppose if there are going to be pirate factions in the game and lore wise it could be explain as a class then all the better but depending on the area and lore - Just because there is piracy means there is a anti/counter piracy force.

  12. I hope firearms aren't just bows with a different kind of ammo.


    The kind of Firearms we're talking about here had one big disadvantage: loading time. This is why musketeers fired in formations, while line 1 shot, line 2+3 reloaded their weapons. This is also why pirates, and other folks attacking with firearms in a man-vs-man scenario often carried several loaded guns and a melee wapon. Flintlock guns were fire and forget weapons, in close quarter combat there was no time to reload them.


    If guns are supposed to be devastating against all conventional and magical protection, they also ought to have the disadvantage of long reload times. You still could play a medieval Han Solo who shoots his overkill gun at that annoying Orlan in the bar, but gameplay-wise, a gunman wouldn't play like a marksman, but more like a fighter/mage who lets loose one devastating ranged attack before he enters melee.


    Which is what I think I've said in my idea :) Your written English is just better than mine.

  13. I'm looking forward to a game I can enjoy, that has a decent difficulty and learning curve that I can lose hours upon hours in pretending i'm some awesome dragon killing hero. Because you know, been some form of cross between it consultant/programmer and part time salesman isn't exactly awesome.


    What I would like to do is be able to partially respec - More for if/when I miss spend a point rather then - I don't like been a purely aoe sorcerer I want some cool defense spells and debuffs so my party member can own everyone easier.


    I can understand why people don't want the option in at all but considering it is going to be a single player game, there are plenty of people who are accustomed/use to the ability to tailor gear/respec abilities to suit a play style that evolves and changes as they learn the game then I don't see why we shouldn't have some form of respec option that you can you know - turn off or you know perhaps just ignore...


    Saying that though IF PE ends up having no story or lore based way in which a respec is viable in a way that it makes sense then I won't mind if its not in the game - Which if you read what I put on post 3 is what I said the first time around.


    However I can't see anyone whos against or anyone whos for changing their minds and considering there are plenty of reasons on both sides of the fence so I'm gonna drop out of this thread ^^ I've shared my opinion of somewhere in the middle ground.


    edit : LoL does it fantastically though I dunno how that system would work in an rpg like this.


    Personally I like the Elder Scrolls way of doing it once you leave the "introductory/starting area" just incase you know - what you thought on paper looks good didn't quite work as expected & allows you to make a few tweaks after an hour of game time.

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  14. How about - When you get your Stronghold you have to "create" a new party member who acts as the reagent and based on his "specializations" depends on whether the Stronghold becomes awesome for mercs or a trade district or MAGE TOWER etc..


    I'm guessing you meant regent. I HOPE you mean regent...


    (If he's a reagent, we're most likely using him for some unmentionable experiments... :) )


    Sorry, couldn't resist that typo.


    Bah! People will probably refer to him as some for of reagent so I suppose I was just leading the way :p - yes Regent.


    After All I'd like to be the feudal leader of my little lands!

  15. All of the ideas are awesome. I think in the end we all would like to see a fully fledged area that we somehow build up from the ground/ruins.


    That has numerous areas we can improve on that evolves as the game progresses and ideally has some form of "defense" requirements.


    And we can use as a trade/social hub.


    One idea I have would be the requirement to setup trade routes between the 2 big cities and any other smaller hubs. Where you can from your stronghold arrange guards for said caravans and the success of these caravans determines the lvl/quality of goods available to purchase in your stronghold.

  16. As much as I prefer arcing storylines ala Mass Effect when it comes to an RPG like this I very much want the game to be a full story in its own right.


    If there is a main protagonist I want to deal with said protagonist. If it so happens when the sequel comes out that said protagonist was working for even-worse-protagonist then so be it. I really don't want to be "finishing" a game which story wise doesn't close.


    Personally, I've been reading the Honorverse books lately and thats about 16 books (guess) and the storyline is one massive arcing story spanning so far 20 odd years of her life and even though each book hints at a larger ongoing conflict with side stories and the works each book deals with the main plot and the main side stories and the stuff that 'gets mentioned' is fleshed out as the plot for the next book and so on.


    What I don't like is how in some other 'nameless' books is how the main plot isn't fully finished and we're left with a cliffhanger - In games I HATE THIS. Especially in terms of replayability. Once you at the cliff hanger you can't just play on. It makes no sense.


    Still, if the game is amazing I'll cope with an arcing storyline though I hope they don't make it so that if you want to finish it properly you have to buy expansions.

  17. Vampires are so played out, I hope they are not in PE. I don't care strongly one way or the other about werewolves.


    That's a really bad path to walk down for a fantasy game of old. Everything has been done repeatedly...


    Plus, Vampires are awesome when done right (and I mean original 'Dracula' vampire stories), fast, hard to kill (Decapitation or it will eventually regenerate).


    For reference; Dracula was as Strong as 20 men, really fast, has hypnosis/telepahy and can defy gravity a little (not fly out right mind).

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