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  1. When you kill someone - Its a finishing move - You are after all finishing them off. Maybe if time slowed slightly for every kill that was because of a certain type.


    Crit / Instadeath etc..


    You don't need new fancy animations, the same animations would work, just slow time a little to show that you are landing a kill - as always you can turn it off in options.


    I liked the FO style random ones normally because you got a crit or head explosion :p

  2. When you kill someone - Its a finishing move - You are after all finishing them off. Maybe if time slowed slightly for every kill that was because of a certain type.


    Crit / Instadeath etc..


    You don't need new fancy animations, the same animations would work, just slow time a little to show that you are landing a kill? Or apply it to the last standing enemy - as always you can turn it off in options.

  3. When you kill someone - Its a finishing move - You are after all finishing them off. Maybe if time slowed slightly for every kill that was because of a certain type.


    Crit / Instadeath etc..


    You don't need new fancy animations, the same animations would work, just slow time a little to show that you are landing a kill? Or apply it to the last standing enemy - as always you can turn it off in options.

  4. This idea. Is one of the best I've read in a while, so simple to implement, so simple to possibly enchant a shield, so many types to warn against but so few number of weapons you carry. Which warning enchant do you take?


    ORCS!!!!! *sword glows blue*


    GOBLINS!!!!!! *sword glows green*


    Fantastic idea!


    I can imagine now, my party has being playing for hour(real time) and I always ALWAYS struggle against Hell Hounds - Their fast and by the time I see them their on my team, and I'm never ready but now...


    Imagine walking through a dungeon when you notice your Shield starts glowing yellow.......... You stop knowing fine well there are Hell Hounds around. Hell Hounds. Urghhh gonna be a tough fight if there is a pack of them. You switch your formation around so the meat shields are blocking the path and push on. Slowly.


    You see them and lay down your slows and stuns, block the tunnel best you can and attack from a distance... two get through the wall..... otto..... You we're prepared but was it enough?



    Love the idea.. Really do!


    Someone from the dev/moderators pass this idea on.

  5. Urghhhhh I hated having to keep a well stocked amount of torches in my ES games to the point where I stopped rolling pure melee and took flare/light/overhead floating ball of light/caster people.


    If torches are the game fantastic, im sure plenty of people will enjoy having one of thier party be unarmed or specifcally roll someonewith night vision etc... - I'll have my magician cast balls of light




    ORCS!!!!! *sword glows blue*


    GOBLINS!!!!!! *sword glows green*


    Fantastic idea! Someone get that man a thread and a poll because that is truly an awesome idea.


    Your walking threw a dungeon when you notice your wizzards staff starts glowing yellow.......... You stop knowing fine well there are Hell Hounds around. Hell Hounds. Urghhh gonna be a tough fight if there is a pack of them. You switch your formation around so the meat shields are blocking the path and push on. Slowly.


    You see them and lay down your slows and stuns, block the tunnel best you can and attack from a distance... two get through the wall..... otto..


    Love the idea.. Really do!


    edit edit : thread is here : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63088-weapons-that-enemies-react-to/

  6. What happens to all of the stuff you didn't understand first time around / forget about where it is and then miss something 'important' because getting this understanding is last on the list of things to do?


    Personally I like the idea but can't see it being implemented as anything besides a nice little on the side thing. Perhaps if you we're collecting audio logs that microsoft sam read out to you and you could understand more as you unlocked stuff perhaps. But ingame. urghhh I can imagine it being something I wouldnt enjoy

  7. Lets not get into ME3 here - It has hundred of threads and thousands of comments over at the Bioware forums (which is why it got extended)


    This is PE and I want to win or lose. I want the story wrapped up, I want an epilogue and everything else that ties up the story as it is.


    This wont ruin the chance for a sequel but it will make me love the game even more especially if my actions change the endings (several possible vastly different endings would be a win)

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  8. or he could have let you borrow his copy.


    As I said in my post, this too is piracy. You own the rights to it, for yourself or argumentally someone in your property (not including gifts). By loaning it to someone you break copyright laws. (as I said in my post country of residence dependant)


    This is one thing everyone really needs to be aware of










    So now that we've covered that - Yes you are on about PE but your also referring to piracy and DRM as a whole I was merely pointing out that piracy is a fact of life and as many others have said - Common place as for my example, yes my friends raved about it, I then pirated it, I'm not telling you how or in what way I pirated but I pirated. The worse/best thing about it is that in a lot of other countries how I pirated wouldn't even be classed as pirating.

  9. I think there are flaws in every argument for and against piracy and my points like most depend on the developing company and the producer so I'll summarise but please when you read it don't take it word for word or literally ( apart from my question at the end), there are occasions where my point doesn't apply. I even wrote a paper on this that got me an award years ago (I'm not posting it on the internet nor am I spending hours trawling for source data) because I've had this debate with people several times a year for the last 17 years since the time of the PS1 and copied CDs and on the whole my view hasn't changed.


    1 ) Piracy is bad, but we will all do it in one form or another. You probably don't even realise you pirate some of the time - Like when you listen to a copyrighted song on Youtube that was uploaded by a private user, or even when you borrow a DVD/VHS/BlueRay from a friend and so on. Heck even when you "rip" music from a CD to a PC your pirating! (Country of residence dependant)


    2 ) DRM is bad! Over the years I've fell fowl to the rootkit Sony installed on PC's with a few incidents of operating systems locking up and hard drives becoming corrupt ( I was one of these people ). I've also bought games, new that I couldn't play because of DRM with activation issues or installation problems.


    3) DRM is easily circumvented and normally already circumvented BEFORE a game even comes out. So why bother using it when point 2) is a valid counter argument and is proven to make a very slight difference.


    4) You say cost issues aren't true? Unfortunately they are, Myself as an example. I earn a tidy wage, maintain a house and a relatively decent living. But every month there are at a minimum 2 or 3 AAA released games and a few other games that come out that catch my eye that I would buy/play however I can only ever afford 1 or 2 games at £35-45 a pop, and every month these purchases soon add up so I choose my games carefully and then I resort to 2nd hand games. Now throw in the amount of gamers who are young, don't work, earn that good a living or have parents that won't buy everything for them and suddenly you have demand and the inability to supply legitamatly.


    Which is where a lot of people fall to piracy. They are not going to buy the game new regardless at this point. So they either rent it from a friend where the creators get nothing, rent it from a shop where the creators get nothing, buy it second hand when the cost comes down and again the creators get nothing OR they get it for free from the thousand and one locations where you can acquire it.


    I'm not saying it's right in fact in point 1) I said piracy IS bad but it's a fact and has always been a fact. For as long as there has been a recordable media there has been piracy. VHS, Cassette recorders ( sitting to catch the charts and recording as you listen )


    People say Piracy costs sales yet the film and music industry year on year has grown and made a profit! (I've not looked at game company profits lately)


    Yes it loses 'some' money but no where near as much as they claim when all other factors are took into account.


    Finally, as numerous reports, gamers and producers them selves have said over the years Piracy is damaging but no where near as damaging as second hand sales. There was a report out several years ago where second hand sales for the UK (movies, music and games) was only a few % less then new sales....




    On that note I leave you ALL with a question, have you ever pirated something (by pirate I mean, downloaded, borrowed, loaned) a game loved it and went to buy it and the expansions?


    I have, It was Mass Effect 1 - I thought it looked **** when it came out, wasn't my type of game I thought so I pirated it after a few of my friends said it was amazing. They were right! I went out and bought it, then I bought ME2, ME3, several expansions, books, comics and even as geeky as this is to point out - a T-Shirt!


    I've probably now spent £400 on ME stuff through Bioware and all because I pirated..



    If the game is worth buying people will buy it, if it's not they won't. Even if the ability to pirate wasn't around that doesn't change the fact that a lot of people pirate just because they can. Take that away and throw in the cost concerns and lack of interest in the game to begin with and the game still won't sell.


    PE Wise, it obviously has a lot of interest and backing. Hopefully when it launches A LOT more people will be interested in it and buy it. I don't however think that piracy will be the result of it not selling.

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  10. Just no, I have nothing against endings where something bad happens and tbf most games don't have a 'happy ending' so I'm not sure what your playing besides "Happy Pony Land 3" but I out right refuse to play games that are completely un-winnable and those games I have played with crap endings have been put to one side/taken back to the shop for refunds.


    Also having a poll with no vote against what your going for is annoying and stupid and defeats the point of putting something to a vote.

  11. Urghhhhh - I think I'll revisit this once we have more on how each class will play but I voted for Wizard *FOR NOW*


    Normally I'll choose between the following;


    1. warlocks/sorcerers (not the standard wizard set ups) pure death and destruction. With an evil character

    2. rogue - Depends on how the game is going to set them up.... I like stealth, assassination builds before backing off and letting the heavy/ranged raid death.

    3. paladin/fighter - Think a-typical tank, taunts, lots of health - My run into a fight laughing!!

  12. I don't think I'll ever be able to play another game as a Vampire.... I use to think they were cool (Dracula, Blade) but then 50 Shades Of Gray and Twilight have for ever more scarred me....



    Serious note - Nice concept. Vampires like everything else in a fantasy settings will all depend on where you want to take your source material from and how you want to base it. I like the really old folklore around them, shape changers, stronger and faster but inherently evil because they kill to survive.

  13. I think it all depends on when you first heard/saw a Paladin. For me it was in History, in school and from memory they were just the very best warriors, in really heavy armour.


    Think English - King Arthur - His Knights of the round table (best of the best) - To me, historically these could also be referred to as Paladins.. I have no idea where the notion of divine powers came into play to become common practice. So for me - A Paladin can be what ever they want it to be, though a warrior in heavy armour makes sense.

  14. I voted, yes and yes.


    There is nothing wrong with Char/Krogan/Goblin etc.. There visually different, move differently and armour is donned differently and with different abilities.


    As for Human, I find them boring but that's just my personal opinion on it there is no specific reason why - It's just you know, I'm Human and I fancy playing an elf/dwarf/weird combination of cat/man/dog/lizzard etc...

  15. Because this is how city construction works. The old construction subsides over the years and gradually gets covered by the new stuff. If ruins are abandoned for a substantial length of time, dirt builds up on top of them, sinking them even deeper. Plus there are events like volcanic eruptions like the one at Pompeii which can bury an entire city under an enormous depth of ash and mud.


    I, personally, haven't heard of any cases where new construction was expanded *down from* existing construction. It is usually built on top of the old stuff, or the remnants of the old stuff.


    That's not to say that this couldn't be reversed with a naturally underground-oriented race, though, who tend to expand downward instead of upward/outward.


    Firstly, it's been covered that not all city construction works that way. Some do expand (I've only ever seen downward construction twice and both were expanding a basement to include lower levels.)


    Secondly, this isn't the city. If we assume that the dungeon is built from the bottom up then the entire dungeon has to have been created by ONE race. Well, I can argue not necessarily as I suppose someone could of started building it and someone finished but that's a bit unlikely. Unless this was some great kingdom/castle that was constantly under siege or what ever but then why were they still building it?


    Finally, this is fantasy. My assumption is that at the time. Who ever built the top level maybe built a few lower levels. The people who centuries later who took over expanded upon this. Therefore giving the dungeon different levels from different eras. At which point the newer/more complex (technologically/magically) stuff would be at the bottom.

  16. What?


    Go ahead, build me a skyscraper. Create the top floors first, then work your way down to the ground. Build the underground parking garage levels last. Don't worry, Concrete defies gravity, and Foundations are a myth.


    We're building down though, not up? So unless they randomly dug down 15 floors worth of depth and built one room - then someone else at a later date came along and built something on top of that - it doesn't make sense to me. You would assume someone built down x amount of levels and then someone else came along and expanded/dug further down.


    edit - having read your follow up post - I can see your point, though I stand by my point. If someone built down, then someone were to expand upon it the newer stuff would be further down. I suppose it depends on the engineering ^^

  17. The game starts with a "traumatic event" that throws you into the story... But why/how are we to care about what happens if we have no back story?


    Ie. We witness our village/parents been slaughtered by X. Yet we have no reason to care about them..


    So why not give us a prologue which is skip-able (Like NWN2) - based several years before the event or even as a child that introduces us to the story and how to do the basics.


    Such as - say you roll a Mage, you start as an 8year old you. and your aunt is visiting, she's a student of the arts etc.. and she can see you have the gift... she teaches you to cast a light spell to illuminate the room and maybe lift something with telekensis - then it goes to your 15th birthday and she teaches you a fireball spell or something.


    Or - Say you roll a warrior, your dad teaches you about honour and shows you his armour and maybe provides you with a woodern sword and you play fight with your dad....


    Or - your a rogue and your uncle shows you a puzzle box which you have to open - it's a lot more complex then picking a lock and you have to solve the puzzle to open it (obviously this isn't going to happen every time you pick a lock) but it introduces you to your class, gives you a bit of back story.


    Maybe the tutorial allows you to roam around your town as a child - watching the blacksmith work away and he tells you about the different mats he would need to make you a blunt sword to improve your training. etc.. etc..


    edit - This way you have several different variations of the introduction to suit each class. Giving you a bit more reason to play it each time.

  18. I read the OP and the first few replies & I haven't read the rest yet but.


    DA:O did this fantastically and I cannot see any reason why it wouldn't work.


    2 examples.


    1; You come across some mages trying to summon something as a part of there studies and you overhear the conversation about the different planes. You can then read the different books around the library and figure out how to do the summons yourself. Then you get a bad arse mob to fight. Which first time killed me, repeatedly.


    2: You read in a book about something to do with a statue.. You find nothing at the statue another book tells you about how they banished/locked away this demon. You can undo it by following clues and doing a bit of exploration. Again you get to fight a bad arse demon with awesome loot - that you get no mention of if you didn't read the book you picked up.


    ps. I wish when I played NWN2 the first time around there was a guide up. Or just a general tips list because I went through ACT1 without getting any ore :(

  19. Why do people assume - the deeper you go the older the dungeon gets? That to me geographically makes no sense what so ever.


    Unless were dealing with a subterranean race that started of X amount of floors underground (mole people) wouldn't the older stuff be at the top, with the simple, old, decrepit stuff at the top and the more modern expansions built under or more spreading out from the origin.


    So you start of as a dungeon under a very ancient castle, under the dungeons were the crypts for said race.


    Said race is killed of by a more technologically advanced race, who expand the castle to implement Golem Factories under the crypts...


    They go crazy and kill off the inhabitants...


    Centuries later a wizard group take over - disarm the golems and expand the castle again with new magic / alchemy labs etc...


    They get killed by barbarians who let the place fall to ruin..


    They get killed by some ebil necromancer who wants the magic secrets - expands the magic labs and accidently opens a portal to hell.. demons infest the lower levels...


    A really evil demon makes his lair there and spawns a great beast of the deeps who kills them..... his presence gives off magic - which reactive the crazy golems - dark monsters move into other levels etc....


    So the deeper you get the more modern/complex things get.

  20. I generally HATE having time requirements on quests because they either a) are too short or b) make you go do something that you really cba ro do but must do it if you want to progress/get the XP etc... However on the odd occasion that something drastic happens... You know like a bomb is about to go off - Then I can understand you having 2 minutes to get the hell out of the building. Story wise / area wise it "can" work just don't do it all the time. Make it MEAN something.


    Being a massive Elder Scrolls Fan (Daggerfall Ho!!) one of the WORST offenders for implying imminent doom and time critical quests is Oblivion...




    Oh... Ok I'll come back in 6 years time and kill it - no rush!


    This.. Drove.. Me.. Insane!


    And almost ​put me off playing the game again.

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