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  1. Read the OP skipped the rest - I really like that idea of dynamic curses. You know ones where the walk throughs can't spoil!


    Ie - "OH MAN I DON'T WANNA BE A LEPPA AND HAVE TO GO DO THE CLEANSING RIGHTS OF THE KOBAYASHI MARU" So I'll jsut never use that super amazingly awesome uber powerful sword of KIRK.


    Instead, say there are only 27 legendary weapons per play through (that maybe have stats that always level with you to remian awesome) you could randomly pick up any "legendary" weapon and if your unlucky you get cursed with lepracy or some other curse that requires you to go do something.


    Also, have it so that it overwrites your saves! So you cant just reload 5 minutes earlier and sell the weapon. /evil laugh

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  2. I like feet..... wait, FEATS!


    Seriously, I've seen feats in one form or another in many games over the year and 75% the time they add a fantastic little twist to your character or the game itself. What I would like the ability to custom design your feat *within reason*.



    2x exisitng feats could be

    - stealhy attacker - can stealth after attacking, improved detection BONUS to backstab

    the other

    - ranger of wilds - speed boost after attacking, increased range BONUS to critical strikes


    Now say you wanted to be a stealth ranger? Both of those have an aspect you like idea of but on there own not perfectly suited to your 'ideal' char. Make you own.


    Choose the name : Basilisk

    2x Xlvl traits

    - Speed bonus after firing arrow

    - Ability to stealth after attacking

    1x Ylvl traits

    - When stealthed in combat game a 1% bonus to avoiding detection.



    Daft idea, i know it's not exactly the same as feats and traits can be / are two different areas but just a thought I wanted to throw into the conversation on customising it.



    I want to put the mathematics aside, put the roll of the dice aside and look at the RPG side of things...

    Then you're not talking about an rpg anymore.

    role playing game. Where you role play a game. The game itself doesn't have to be based on mathematics and dice rolls. Admittedly it's a successful and established way of playing the game. You're there originally to role play - to imagine your that guy/elf/demon/space marine etc... taking on the evil doers etc.. etc.. Mathematics and dice rolls are not everything. Without the story, the immersion... It's just another spreadsheet. (dare I sat football manager?)


    The idea of never missing to me - takes away a lot of the role play for the examples that I just give.

  4. I want to put the mathematics aside, put the roll of the dice aside and look at the RPG side of things...



    Sword Fighting;

    1) (I'm going from personal experience as I've done some Kendo *spa with a friend who is an instructor) - People miss their swings, not often when your that close but a well timed feint and back step and you've made them swing and miss.


    2) You parry and block, quite a lot taking NO damage apart from maybe and I mean maybe a slight sprain in your wrist.




    Archery - Go watch the olympics these people have high quality bows with sights and train non stop. They MISS, rarely but again they miss. and they stand their, focus, wait and shoot.


    They don't have crazy arsed demon spawn hell hounds from Mars charging them down.




    Now, let's discuss NEVER Missing, it doesn't happen and I honestly think it would spoil the immersion of the game to see that no matter what happens you can't dodge/avoid damage and neither can the enemy. May as well take a wall of archers and fire off focused headshots constantly and kill everyone before they can get close to you - Throw in some enchanted weapons that SLOW your opponents and wollah - wall of death that the enemy can't get close too - Keep back peddling peppering with arrows that never miss and apply a slow....


    The idea of never missing worries me. I may not LIKE it when I cast off my final 2 spells, fire my final arrow and they miss BUT I adapt and deal with it.... Too never miss, heh even if it's only 1 damage, just comes down to staying alive long enough cos I know I can always win.

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  5. The first question would be, why? What would we gain as an improvement to the game. Can I revisit cleared areas to dig? Can I run around spamming my dig button till the animation kicks in and I start digging? What do I get from digging - Loot i'm gonna sell as scrap in order to super feed my Stronghold?


    It's one of those things - It worked in WoW because you spent time between raids/battlegrounds/waiting for food at 80 going around and trying to dig for potentially something super awesome you'll use for the rest of your time playing the game.


    Would it be a useful benefit for a lot of time invested in it. I'm guessing, besides the mechanic someone would have to write the back story for each bit of loot, provide decent clues to point us to the right area and then make it so the above issues I mentioned can't defeat the point (spamming buttons and finding it without the clues).


    And then how do they make the loot useful / last?

  6. I'm not entirely following what your asking as I would assume if you rolled an elven hating character you, yourself would play like you yourself hated elves and your character wouldn't offer "nice" comments/speech options to any elf your talking too.


    It's one of those areas in terms of freedom where it depends to me personally on whether or not reputation/news plays a roll in the game. I mean if it's known widely who you are/who your band of merry men are and that you don't like the elven folk I would hope he would either a) cower b) run away or c) refuse to sell stuff to you and then die.


    But I suppose that's less likely to happen as if you are in an area where all merchants are elves and they all refuse to restock your arrows and potions then your game could become insanely difficult very quickly.

  7. Well, in most games you set their orientation and choose their voice, in more recent games you can set their ability in how to use the spells, abilities and potions.


    If their including character creation I'm sure some form of behaviour will be looked at. Maybe the voice actors will provide a few hundred lines of none sense for us to get bored of rather then the usual 6.


    I mean if I remember rightly


    NWN2 - "You Will Feel My Wrath!" urghhhhhhh got so annoyed of hearing that.



  8. This isn't such a crazy idea. Slow motion has actually been a staple of certain real-time strategy titles for a very long time.


    P:E was not billed as a RTS on kickstarter. I feel quite secure in saying 99% (margin of error: 1%,) of the people donating were not donating to see a RTS game result.


    I agree. ...However, that pause-start-pause-start-pause-start did annoy me on some fights at times--especially ones with lots of things on the screen--so I can see a point in the slow-motion option at times.


    But this is the exact reason why you DONT want slow motion.


    You have lots of stuff going on within the screen you don't want to be having to rush orders, potentially missing stuff because when you queued of your first cast and moved on to the second/third and then fourth member of your team to do something then you completely missed the fact that your first player has now cast said spell and/or died.



  9. You know I've been following this since about Update 10/11 and have donated a decent amount for me and the wife and you know somehow I've completely missed this side of it. Edit - That's a lie, I remember now - It was around the 2.5 million mark for party creation.


    /goes off to google - Thanks, feel free to close this thread / let it die OR use it to discuss team compilations etc..

  10. This has probably been answered but I use the mobile version of the forums so no searching.


    When creating your party can you create your full line up? Or do you only make you and then have to use the NPCs given to you?


    Generally I prefer the ability to make my own for two reasons 1) I don't get stuck with a NPC that annoys the crap out of me but I must use because she's the only "good/lawful" healer and 2) I like to make wierd combos. In IWD2 I had a line up which consisted of 5 Dark Moon monk sorceress's and my trusty healer :D

  11. One other thing I'm really looking forward to are all the "world changing" events. ie. In NWN2 You could obviously improve your keep. In D3 You could improve your merchants.


    What I really want to see is if I am a complete and utter baddy do people run away from me, does the world take on a more disturbed outlook, will my party equally become more vicious, will the towns change if I save the church or will there be ruin and more decay because of the loss of faith etc..


    I would love to see a game world that truly changes based on every major and sometime minor action. But that may not be this game. I do hope our Stronghold is builable, you know, starting off as nothing, choosing its general design, what it contains, wether it will be a place of wealth (merchants), ability/power (libraries and mage towers etc..) or battle (warriors/better armour available for free in your stronghold)


  12. I don't really have time for a fully fledged post on economics and what I think works in games and what doesn't but I do have one pet hate.


    I sell something second hand - I sell it for about 10% its value the shop sells it on for exactly the same amount as a brand new version of the thing at say 125% because I have no "speechcraft".


    If we're gonna have a money system and if i'm selling the guy 10 swords then he should buy the first one for x amount then the cost for additional should drop on a graded scale and same again for buying. The price should increase the less the quantity remianing.


    *my pet hate is that I sell something for 10g and then he wants me to buy the same thing for 400g how in the world is that fair/true?*

  13. I really like the idea of slow motion instead of a pause option BUT at the same time I don't want it when i'm controlling more then 1 person.


    I hit pause I got to the first guy provide orders.

    second provide oreders

    thrid provide orders

    four providers orders

    go back to third and revise orders due to four

    five tell him to move the heck out of the way


    and all of a sudden the first person is dead because slow motion saw him eat 3 or 4 attacks because I was trying to manage more then the time could allow for.


    Single player game though this would be awesome

  14. Well, reading through everyone else's responses has made me more excited for certain things then I was originally thinking when I wrote this.


    I;m still most interested in the combat mechanics more then most because when it comes down to it this is going to define how I play the game and what characters I play. The artwork I'm not so fussed about because I have faith in artists and I know that no matter what it will look ok.


    As for the guy that said "alpha" yes.... :D

  15. By update I mean the updates we're getting from Obsidian, what topic are you most looking forward to them discussing.


    For me, I'm torn, I'm really looking forward to finding out how the stronghold will work, whether or not we'll have the ability to influence it's build, what it can do, whether we'll get to defend it against a mad horde of Zombies...... etc..


    But at the same time I cannot wait until the day comes where I can go to the Wiki and look at the classes and their abilities / ability trees / spells etc.. Because I'm so torn about what character I'll first play as it will come down to which I think sounds most epic.


    What about you guys/girls? What update are you most looking forward too?

  16. You could also have it so Mages can detect magic (like the spells Detect magic) which works against your stealth if your using illusion or have a mage with you/enchanted weapons etc..


    How ever, your guy in heavy plate - Isn't going to be that quiet even if he's got cloth wrapped plating. It still makes a noise. So your stealth is only going to be as good as your weakest link.


    I like stealth, so good idea, that might work/might not work in this games sense.

  17. "Weapon glows if near enemy type" is cool and all, but it feels extraordinarily derivative given its use in the most famous piece of fantasy literature ever.


    I'm pretty sure Tolkien didn't come up with the idea. But still, even if he did, using it as a reference point just shows good taste. Considering 99% of what this game will do is/has been thought up/used else where doesn't mean you can't use it in your own way. ^^

  18. The whole - can you prepare - was one of my points the glow alerts you to it so you now know they are there, from my imagined story you can see I implied you were not prepared "enough" you only knew what to expect to a certain degree.


    Yellow for Hell Hounds (weak to ice) but there are just two being commanded by a reallly powerful demon (who is rather strong against ice) - So you prep your wizzard and swords with ice, it's then wasted against the main threat. It's just something that can help/hinder but a mechanic that can be used and not abused.

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