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  1. I have this exact issue. It happened for me after doing a Task for the Valian? Embassy (the task where you end up on a bridge?) and then, after wandering around of a little whilst deciding what to do after this quest, i went to Heritage Hill All the enemy AI is broken, except wizards can still cast *some* spells on themselves. *Spoilers* - However, when i got to the missing soldiers part, and spoke to one soldier before that combat started, he was unaffected (he attacked, moved around, used skills/powers) but the other 3 guards and the Ghost/Phantom/Spectre, whatever she was, were all broken. -
  2. Surely the one physical copy will come on disc, and the digital copy u choose steam or gog; no?
  3. If we got another 630 members in the days left, maybe they could make an OO level in the endless paths
  4. Hey, i added my 8$ - i tried putting 'Commander Sir "Stoneface" Vimes of the Obsidian Order' in, but was too long, so i'm just Jon Sir "Stoneface" Vimes Obsidian Order, on KS; if i cant have it full on here?? Thanks :D
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