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  1. I ve notice that when I get a Quest from Caed Nua steward where some1 or something is going to attack I except the mission I fight who ever win but after I win I try to collect the loot but I phase out automatically of that scene back to where I was before and get no loot. Can you make it where instead of automatically phasing out there is a button to hit this way I can collect the loot
  2. Im just interested in knowing what the funniest Bug you have seen and it can be any game. Ill tell mine Sometimes I like to just watch my bro play a game for the storyline. 1 day I was watching him play Trespasser (its a jurassic park type) My bro comes to this area where you need to cross a bridge to get to the other side. the space is like 10 to 14 people standing side by side. so my bro looks for a bridge which is a couple yards ahead but gets attack by a TRex and dies. he reloads a save game and this time he see's the TRex on the other side it see's my bro and runs to the bridge cross
  3. I dont know if this is me or the game So if Im not the only 1 who is experiencing this please let me know. But when I load the game I can here everything but the screen is black for awhile maybe a 30 secs to 1 min. But when I quit the game it goes to a black screen and I still here everything as if I havent left yet. This takes about 15 secs to 30 secs
  4. Maybe be had The Force with them from the Dark Side
  5. I have only beta tested 1 other game and for that Game No DEV ever responded. So I felt like maybe my post were being looked at or maybe that really dont care. In this game I dont feel that way. I feel like Im appreciated for what I do and what I have posted. Thank you for Listening to my imput. Cdiaz is the 1 that I see that's why I put him if their are any others DEVs that the beta testers see or like to say to them say it here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  6. So basically the people that should be talking are not and the people that shouldnt be talking are talking
  7. Sorry to take so long I lost track of this thread. I am still trying to learn Screenshots . But in that Screenshot on the right hand side you see 2 NPCs that look like they are talking to each other that should have a dialog above their heads but dont I stood for awhile watching. But in the left hand side you have people walking the female is started talking when nobody is there should not be talking but has a dialog above her head this is what I meant.
  8. Here is a bug all my save games have been deleted. I dont mind starting over but I should be the 1 to delete the files which I hardly do
  9. I think the Fog is too thick. I finally got my Screenshot working so I took 2 shots to show you. I know some people might like this Idea but Im not one My brother likes it but we are 2 separate people. But as for the Fog I would think having a Circle where the party is at wouldnt have a Fog. But from those 2 Screenshots I could hardly see the fight going on. I know Im attacking someone but I would like to see who Im attacking. Some of the other games Ive played that have fog always had a circle from the characters are that had no fog in it . And if you keep the fog in the game I dont want you
  10. the past couple times Ive been playing the Game looking for problems I was puzzled that I missed something and I would go and try to figure it out. Today I just figured it out. I was looking in chat for something specific and notice In Chat menu the up and down are reversed. when you want to scan for a msg and press down the slider bar goes up instead of going down.
  11. Just curious In Pillars of Eternity 1 when a battle was coming My party would not move at all until I gave specific commands. I sometimes like the enemy to get really close. But in Pillars of Eternity 2 they run ahead even after I setup the locations . Is this the same problem as above or is it different. Because I dont like my party to go off like what I just said here which is what they do
  12. Saved Games ​(see first attached image) - when I save games, I can type the name of a new game into the save, but it just uses the default game name and not what I typed into the spot... ​moreover​, the games are not ordered by date and time, and do not seem to be ordered by name either... they are in a hodge-podge... well, that's what it seems to me, because, at first, I thought the game was no saving my games anymore, then I noticed they are in the list - just all over. In the attached file, I pulled these from fairly far down in the save list. I was going to report this but Im glad some
  13. I couple things about this. If a similar thread exist Im sorry in advance for bringing it up In Pillars of Eternity 1 every Village I went to had a lot of quest In Pillars of Eternity 2 in the first Village there are maybe 4 quest. With me I like tons of quest. In Pillars 1 the quest were directional in this I dont see the Directional part or multiple possibilities . Also in the Quest Broodmother Fury seems incomplete. I was just curious to see if I could open up the cage and everybody in the cage escape to the Sea. I went to the Broodmother and Universally she tnx me. So I reloade
  14. Not sure if this was reported if it was I sorry in advance for not doing a deep search. In the game both Menu bars keep flashing on and off. when I mean menu Bars I mean 1) The pause ,fast forward , and slow down Menu Bar 2) The Battle Menu Bar where you can select spells and attacks
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