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  1. On one, however they all became invincible regardless of what attacks I used on them
  2. In the foothills Lagufaeth encounter, when reducing any of the enemies health to 0 instead of dying, they either stood still or continued attacking. In either case they lost the red enemy circles around them and became impossible to target or damage with AOE spells. Reloading the autosave right before the encounter resulting in the same thing. save.zip
  3. Jerek's suggestion seems like a definite improvement, and fixes the biggest gripe I have with the subclass. For a class that presumably focuses on staying shifted as often as possible there aren't that many ways a shifter can improve their spiritshifts without relying on spells, which can't be casted while shifted, or on either multiclassing or on buffs from another party member. As it is now, shifters feel like they just have a slightly bigger bag of tricks than other druids as opposed to a shifter's spiritshifts feeling different to a regular druid's.
  4. I don't know if this has been posted before, but after finishing the quest "The Storms of Poko Koharu" and returning to Tikawara, Nairi, Chieftain Raunu, and Vektor were at the beach, however they didn't return to their normal locations. In addition there are now duplicates of these three npcs in thier usual locations. In the screeenshot you can see Vektor on the beach and at his stand, it's the same with Nairi and Chieftain Ruanu savefile.zip
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