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  1. PhesojSS & Torm, ​I tend to take the approach that I have contributed to be a Beta Player and I will share my thoughts with the hope that they are read. I will post later about alternative systems for multi-class (really Dual Class from Classic AD&D as true multi-classing involves divided experience and parallel class advancement) which I do not believe can be incorporated especially in the initial release (but who knows) with the hope that Obsidian will pull-out feedback that works for them or that they see the logic in... for future games PoE-2+ or PoE-3 or whatever. ​One of the r
  2. In order to accommodate the request for multi-classing, PoE-2 has resulted in major and significant changes to many of the classes including massive changes in spell casters (wizards, priests, druids). In truth, I think that these have diminished the classes in significant ways which is a little disappointing for myself personally... as I thought the wizard, priests, and druid classes were really nicely done by the end of PoE-1. I am aware that some of these massive changes are also the result of players who did not like "per rest spell casting limits" and wanting "per encounter casting limi
  3. While I agree on the business... I would add that Kick Start has provided the foundational dollars for much of this particular series. In addition, I believe that your premise is an opinion "porting them to consoles... earn more money..." (yes, probably, though where is the initial funding... again KS), "they can use it to make more (and) better games." (in most cases history does not support this conclusion at all). While Obsidian may prove to the be the exception, more often than not it results in crapper games with less options and most things watered down to deal with controllers. ​So
  4. Great-ish though, in truth, kinda sad simply because... I have seen more games ruined in watering everything down for console play to the point of stupid. In truth, I play PC games for a reason as while I own Steam Controllers and such for my big screen TV for the occasional visitor or arcade-level game... I do my serious gaming on a PC.
  5. Greetings, I use to be able to track my health appears skitish as at times it works and at times it does not register the changes in Health on Icon. In attached, NPC has died - Character Icon (bottom) shows 99/99, floating windows (large left and just above Character Icon) show 0/75. You can also see the Mirrored Image issue I reported earlier (superimposed on the character as the spell is still active).
  6. What seems strange to me is the reason you would take an offensive spell. Instead, Wizard might load spells they are unlikely to need more than 1 of per combat - Shield, Mirror Image, Healing, etc.,. Personally, I would chose: 1st - Shield (No Question) 2nd - Bulwark Against Elements (Fairly Good) Infuse Vital Essence (My Choice In Case Priest Not Nearby) Mirrored Images (Okay But Depends On 3rd) 3rd - Delerious Alacrity of Motion (Not Bad But...) Llengrath's Displace Image (Since I Did Not Use Mirrored Image) 4th - Flame Shield (My Choice) Iron Skin (G
  7. Greetings, I am not sure whether what I am reporting is as much a bug or not fully developed; however, I have noticed a few problems that seem recurrent in my experience: ​Mirrored Image ​(see first attached image)​ - you will noticed in the attached image that their are ghost-like, headless male bodies - one just above the pool and the other just through the door to the room below the hallway - these ghost images have just started to appear as the result of my female elven mage casting the spell "Mirrored Image" and persist. It appears that they are linked with the one pet I have - Des
  8. Please make this your forum signature. I want to reread it everytime you make a post. Sure... why not, at least, for a little while anyway... Well, I am not sure that's a "yes" though it is a very positive sign . I did not know Josh's resume included classics like Ice Wind Dale I/II and Neverwinter Nights - very cool. Frog Helms are a jousting knights best friend though I do not believe I have seen one at the 'jousting' tournaments at the Fall Renaissance Festival in several years though they remain fun to watch ("Jousting" remains the State of Maryland's Sport).
  9. I am glad that folks shared their thoughts on the matter (and hope, if others want to, they do...). On a personal note, I love pets in real life. While I never really got the purpose (beyond trophy, swag, or window dressing of your home) of non-functional pets in game where party gets smoked by breath weapons, fireballs, lightning bolts, and other such... I did come to the conclusion long ago that they were probably here to stay and so engaged in radical acceptance (lol). While I would never complain should pets not appear in a game, I am fine with them when they are a part of the games I
  10. Did you play recently a PvE version of multiplayer game? I like Starcraft. Blizzard is a big, talented company with lots of cash to spend. Playing unscripted game of starcraft against AI isn't an engaging experience (though its much better than it was years ago.) The AI isn't up to snuff to analyze your behaviour in sensible way and react. You write as if AI was capable of thinking by itself. It's not. And its a game we are talking about. Simulating natural human behaviour and reactions will be much tougher to achieve. So lets say the game would allow prebuffing, and would make certain cre
  11. Honestly, Eder's conversations seem too grounded to be anything too psychoactive... I know boring wet-blanket answer.
  12. I will begin by saying that the concept of pets (let alone horses) in many fantasy role playing adventure games make little sense as they would pretty much get hurt all the time, would frighten and run-off (probably get lost or hide) which is all you really need after fighting off 3 trolls and being roughed-up and knowing several more are coming you're really looking for the stupid cat you just found that ran off...? Plus, what mundane cat can out run a Winter Wolf whose breath weapon pop icicles it... little flying baby dragons sure until you find a griffon or winged gargoyle, right? Try stea
  13. PRE-PREP & SURPRISE First, with regard to pre-buffing your party, I know that I could do just that in the classic and award winning father of this style of party (vs single player) game Baldur's Gate. Yes, I am that old and I have played D&D & AD&D Table Top. I never noticed that it unbalanced the game, especially when the enemies were often pre-buffed. ​Unfortunately, to add such a feature in at this stage of the game would require a little more than a little computer time (depending on how complicated and/or balance you wanted it to be... because it was left out of the larg
  14. ADDENDUM: Thanks AndreaColombo... I did not know what the green square in the upper right was though figured out it is a copy item (clone) which I can then drop into other WS. VERY COOL ADDITION... --------------- When a player selects Weapon Sets (for PCs & NPCs), I have noticed a highly unrealistic forced choice which is extremely unrealistic now that I think about it. I am playing a wizard and at the outset of the game, I have a +1 Shield, +1 Battle Ax ("borrowed" from natives), and a wand. It makes absolutely makes no sense that my character would not use the SAME +1 Shield in
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