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  1. Well, I have voted for "Quest xp only", but that's under assumption of more reactive quests, so to speak. For example, in the "Cat and Mouse" quest (or whatever else it was called), I've killed both parties which made the quest fail, leaving me with no XP (or I haven't noticed that I got any at least). I have only used the dialogue options to attack (not attacking manually), so I felt pretty cheated that the game didin't recognize such quest resolution.
  2. Thanks. Probably would have found it myself, if the tooltip wasn't missing in all language versions other than English.
  3. The game always lanuches in the Polish language version, no matter what I select in the "language" tab in Steam for the Pillars of Eternity. While my Steam region is Poland (so, I suppose it autodetects it), I don't think it's intended that I can't change the language the game is played in.
  4. I'm torn on item durability and removal of this mechanic - on the one hand, if it was done in a pretty typical way item durability is handled in games, this would have been a super boring and meaningless mechanic, not even achieving it's goal as a gold sink. On the other hand, there's a pretty good chance you could have made it work in an interesting way, where deciding on whether to repair your stuff or not would be a meaningful choice. But as one thing I completely don't agree with is that crafting skills affect how quickly your items loose durability, from the original idea posted here. I understand WHY it was thought that way (to make the skill useful to more than one character in the party), but it's was a bit silly - after all, most of the time you'll learn how to properly use your weapon (to not make it "lose durability" too much while fighting) at the same as you learn to fight using it. Of course, that's "most of the time", since I can imagine someone being reckless in their fighting style, in relation to weapon durability. Though, that would fit more as a Fallout 1/2 style trait.
  5. Can't really comment on everything here, but as the "revenge" battle, you mean battle of Platea? From what I know, Spartans - while they weren't the only one fighting there - were hardly "slaughtered". This article is getting too worked up about a movie based on a comic book (even if the comic was based on real events), and actually, is as "hurting" to Sparta as the movie itself was. Sparta was actually quite innovative and cultured in it's early days (pre Persian wars, more or less). For example, all citizens were equal (at least, in ancient standards) and they had a political system that contained many elements of a democracy about 100 years before Athenian democracy.
  6. Wow something trashing Fall Out New Vegas and praising Fall Out 3. Blasphemy. LOL yeah... wanted to see how many people actually watch the links I send out. It does make some pertinent points though. I'm not sure if the EC staff has actually played FO1 and 2 though, so that might be part of the reason they're actually crazy. I think it's just that EC have their favourite elements in game design and when a game is not doing it their favourite way (even if it's for a good reason, like in F:NV case), it's doing it wrong - in their opinion of course.
  7. Like many others have said, gameplay and story aren't exclusive, so I would ideally have both. But since I have to chose, I'd take story. I can usually suck up mediocre gameplay or mechanics (speaking about RPGs here) if story is good enough - I'll even come back to the game some time to replay it! - can't say the same about bad story though. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally good story will keep me wanting to play an RPG for longer than good gameplay.
  8. Hey, Just added extra 8 $ to my paypal donation, and since it's not sunday just yet, I guess I'm in! I'd take a Winged Hussar of the Obsidian Order title for myself. Thanks! And glad to be here.
  9. I'm a bit torn on the paladins. Priest description suggested that they could specialise in spell casting or melee fighting, the latter fitting perfectly for a paladin I think, so I kind of feel like adding a separate class for it would be be unnecessary. On the other hand, they have went with slightly different approach on the paladins than your stereotypical ones, so it might be fine in the end after all. And that's coming from a guy who's playing mainly paladins whenever he can. As for the rest of the update, I'm very happy to hear about George Ziets! Now just to get up there...
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