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  1. I'd have to second kenup's assessment. The jaw and chin are slightly pronounced. Looks far more masculine than feminine. Face of a valkyrie, some bottles of testosterone later.
  2. Still searching for my saiyadina...

  3. Actually, it is for exactly this reason that I think Forton is a brilliant character. As someone with a rather colorful past (Oh could I ever share some tales...), I can completely appreciate the sentiment of the black sheep in the category. You're to say that all priests are purely holy and without something that taints their supposedly sacred vocation? Humans are human. They have flaws. I am more-so interested in Forton now than before, actually. This little nugget of information leads to a more interesting an colorful persona that is definitely worth exploring (i.e. characters riddl
  4. On a more serious note, oerwinde's fumanchu is a neat touch. Even if a full fumanchu is considered a bit obnoxious by the designers, a pronounced soul patch would suit Forton well imho.
  5. Fantastic breakdown and post. @AwesomeOcelot Moar hipster remarks, plz. That is what the world needs. Were you to muster together a handful of brain cells to throw at this post, you would realize that an adequate amount of planning and careful deliberation is being invested into PE- which is exactly what a AAA quality title needs. The extra credit video hosted on PA speaks for itself and addresses the issue adequately. No. Seriously... It's a major issue. Or would you rather prefer the strong and silent approach? Duke nukem forever that's been baking for a decade+ (and revealed
  6. I really bloody well hate to do this, but I have lost a bet and I need to man up... Could I please have my title changed to Kwisatz Haderach of the Obsidian Order, please? Hate being a pain in the ass. Increased the pledge amount as well, to make up for this nonsense. Edit: Oh, and welcome new members of the Obsidian Order
  7. The kickstarter title I've already changed accordingly. Thanks for the explanation
  8. Are there extra steps I need to take in order to have this name change go into effect? My account name on kickstarter is different than my name on the forums here...
  9. Btw, I added $8 via kickstarter. Doesn't matter whether it's KS or papyal, yeah? I would really fight for that title (long, long story behind it. Plenty of sentiment despite the lulz/obnoxiousness)
  10. Howdy... Added myself to the list. If possible "CommonOddity - Oldefahg of the Obsidian Order" would be awesome- otherwise I'll cook up something less obnoxious
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