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  1. It's Ashley Johnson, AKA somewhat famous TV actress/VA, AKA Ellie from the Last of Us. She's not terrible ordinarily and in pretty much everything else she's in; it certainly was some terrible directing and pacing here though for whatever reason. Just hit my next narrated plot plot point in the excavation area and she's just sooooo slooooooow and it's almost as though the script she was given has arbitrary commas and gaps where there oughtn't be. Cannot for the life of me put up with it any longer. It was enough for me to alt F4 there and then while I went here to try and find that solut
  2. Not just the Narration but also the choice to go full 100% voice acting is *VERY* distracting and offputting when you're trying to read ahead (obviously much faster than these VA's can speak). Back in the days of Baldur's Gate we had a simple introduction sentence or maybe certain paragraphs of great importance voiced, and it was great. You got a sense of what the character sounds like and their general demeanor yet it wasn't so overtly intrusive and in your face for literally every dialogue like it is here. At the very least I'd love a keyboard shortcut or something so that we cou
  3. We all need refunds anyway. The condition of these boxes from those of us who have got this is pathetic, they didn't even package and wrap it properly and looks like something you'd see crushed and battered at the bottom of a bargain bin.
  4. Yep just got mine right now here in AUS. Regular envelope, no bubble wrap or anything. Creasing and dents and banged up all over. ****ing pathetic. Won't be backing any future kickstarters from these guys at physical tiers and will be doing everything I can to warn others away from those upper ones also if this is what we can expect to receive.
  5. Yup, this is the idea I already came up with both in this thread and as one of the first responders on the KS update as a third choice. I just want the Cool box and physical manual (Plus whatever else my physical tier/addon's entitled me to) I would be 100% fine with this and it would actually be preferable since I too am hoping for just 2 steam codes on the day of release for me and someone else who joint backed at this tier.
  6. Eh? My backing came in at over $100, and my tier very clearly says "2 copies Total" What exactly would I even want or do with a second copy? Ofcourse I'm going to give it to a friend/relative/and go halves or whatever. Seems pretty clear cut to me what the intent was. Nothing 'Cheapskate' about it considering what they are offering and the very price I paid.
  7. I should hope so, being as that's exactly what they have told me we could do when I PM'd them asking about this about a year or two ago. Me and a friend already went halves in this tier I backed with this very idea in mind for 2 copies, so it would be a shame if one of us would miss out on the (much preferred) Steam version. Actually it would be more than a shame, I'd be writing some very angry emails..
  8. Noticing more and more other people also stating that they don't even have a disc drive or use it, which re-enforces my previous "option 3" opt-in idea that would benfit a bunch of us while at the same time saving Obsidian a whole bunch of money on disc printing/shipping.
  9. Posted this on the kickstarter Update, reposting here. Give me Option 1 in regards to the Physical Boxed copy and relevant physical rewards for my tier; But then let us just choose what type of digital distribution codes (Completely Drm-Free/GoG/Steam etc.) we want for our 2 copies of the game via here or a survey or something in lieu of the Disc altogether. Not at home while posting this - I straight up legit don't even know If I even have a disc drive.. I just backed at this tier for the box itself and manual etc. Though I still very much indeed would like 2 Steam copies (Which I wa
  10. Cheers Guys.The wording of the the donate your own amount "Tier" has been changed over the last day or so to what it currently has now. Was slightly confused about it previously.
  11. So unlike Kickstarter there's no way to manually enter the amount after selecting a tier, Do I literally just select the "Donate Your own amount" option if I'm forced to pay international shipping fees? Will a survey be sent out so I can specifically mention that my arbitrary "$100 donation" is for the $65 Retail pack + the $15 shipping + the $20 Expansion pack add-on? Thanks, first time I've been forced to use paypal rather then kickstarter for a project due to recent unfortunate credit card problems
  12. Traditional Expansion packs? Hell I loved the tradition expansion packs in the vein of what we got in the golden age of gaming back in the 90's as opposed to this dlc crap these days. There's no way in hell however going to increase my pledge by over $100 for one...the inclusion of the already backed wasteland 2 is absolutely zero incentive. If this doesn't become a new reasonably priced tier and/or an "add on" like others are suggesting for +x pledged dollars (which I would gladly increase my pledge for) then I guess I'll just pick it up for the 20ish bucks I assume it will be come launch
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