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  1. The only thing about the german translation that bothers me is that the class 'Rogue' is translated with 'Dieb' which means 'Thief'. This could be confusing to some players who don t know about the mechanics or didn't follow development and expect the stereotypical pickpocketing shadow-hiding thief. 'Schurke' would be a better translation, I think.
  2. Great lore! Religious wars led by bomb building fanatic priests?! I love it The screenshot is beautiful! Excellent work. Reaching the 3.5 million goal would be great ... I love big cities and having 2 of them in the game would be awesome. Just increased my pledge.
  3. This would be great! I like his songs and his voice is beautiful, I think. And this kind of excitement and support needs to be rewarded :D
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