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  1. It's highly unlikely that there'll be any more patches *, unless the console ports have support that can be backported (again unlikely). @Boeroer (and anybody who's played the beta), the load times are better ? (* There are still bugs from the most recent Deadfire patch)
  2. For me the game finishes at the end of WM2 - it's just too arduous with the loading times, I'm fairly resilient I grew up with the Spectrum 48K and a tape deck, but I have my limits.
  3. Does anybody know if that new soul bound arbalest is actually bugged ? (Noticed some comments about reload speed, starting a new run through and I'm considering picking it up)
  4. Quest lock-down, it's a design issue - but if you have a companion that needs a certain number of rests/plot point to occur, then that slot is frozen until that happens. With six, it's not so much of a problem (had this with GM in Pillars 1) - if you can meta-game with a bit of knowledge about the best time to swap, it's not a problem. Otherwise your party of five then becomes four, now that last slot is still functional, but what if I wanted to add a pure fighter/priest/whatever in that position ?
  5. Quests (can) also be problematic, if you're waiting to unlock dialogue from a companion - maybe they need a specific number of rests, or some specific event to happen, then that party slot is locked down for the duration.
  6. I'm hanging back due to this, my machine isn't top of the line - but I could play the original, performance and load times suffered through the white march
  7. Minor bug, still seeing *name error* under strong hold actions (Berolt)
  8. JB looks at log - thanks, that's the cause - a pop-up or something would have helped.
  9. Still appears to be an issue, latest playthrough main keep upgrade vanished.
  10. I hope to god that the person who complained about this hasn't listened to Lola (the Kinks). The explosion of righteous fury.
  11. Yes, you're a great moral crusader and Obsidian is evil incarnate because they changed one piece of text. Sure it's as bad as destroying someone's house. Jesus Christ. Changed one piece of text at the behest of one twitter user (I'm wading in late here, so I assume it's due to the moral outrage that one user expressed ?). That don't sit easy with me (not to the same extent as the poster above)
  12. No, just no. It's not bloody real! It's just a game and no one should have special protection. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. ++
  13. Perhaps might in this instance, signifies a gangsta background ? You know, gold jewelry and a propensity to hold your musket at a jaunty sideways angle. Before popping a cap. "Through a variety of techniques (e.g. martial training, meditation, ritualistic evocation, mortification of the flesh), some individuals are able to draw upon the energy of their soul to accomplish extraordinary feats. These abilities range from the mundanely superhuman to the explosively magical. Having a strong soul seems to make this easier, but sometimes even people with fragmented souls are able to accom
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