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  1. i'm offended by the fact that you say in the game that Gods don't exist , while i clearly control every action of my character like a GOD; i'm deeply offended by this, so please change this , because don't you understand it's offensive! Stop being such a Racist corporation Obsidian, oh god the Oppression, please someone help me, Obsidian is oppressing me
  2. as a backer i'm profoundly disappointed by this move and will note support Pillars of Eternity or the devs anymore if this is true. If they removed a part of game of asswipes , i'm done , btw anyone starting a petition to get it back?
  3. idd love a comeback to Dungeon Siege 2 with 100 levels, 3 sages of difficulty, pets than can be upgraded by feading them items. i don't know what Dungeon Siege 3 was meant to be, W,A,S,D movements are usend in mmorpg not in classic rpgs, maybe you guys wanted something new, but a hardcore player like me that spent hundrends of hours in Dungeon Siege 2 was dissapointed by i'm not sure if it was a 30 hours of gameplay... i mean even my dad was playing Dungeon Siege 2 and he loved it(and he's like 54 years old..) it's a wesome game and i hope that Dungeon Siege 4 will be like Dungeon Siege 2 P.S.: don't get me wrong there are lots of greats things in Dungeon Siege 3 ( like itemization , and combat, and skill upgrade while using it) but would have i loved it in a 2D point and click world, with a few keys for potions and special abilties
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