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  1. Everyone is free to agree or not agree on things on this forum.

    Diversity will enrich the game, not a common agreement on everything.


    So I would not criticise the ones who disagree on a topic I like, but

    the ones who cannot do so without insulting me.


    Agreement and disagreement should be delivered

    in a civilised manner.


    And for some people this seems to be the hardest part:

    To withstand the temptation that comes with being

    SEEMINGLY anonymous on the internet.

  2. Uhm wait, just to clarify: There is no way to be kicked out of the order, is there?


    And I do not mean the donation of 8$ since nobody will control that.

    I mean in regard to behaviour in the Order.

    The title marks the spirit of a certain time, and it's an approval of this spirit. If someone should really misbehave badly it's up to the moderators what to do with him. And you can't buy reputation with a title.


    I had not in mind to take back the title because I agree with you on this: It's bound the donation of 8$ to support OE, and not to specific behaviour.


    Right now the Order is just one thing: A group of people who have only one thing in common, which is the donation of additional 8$.

    But I think as time passes by the Order will become more "dense".

    You know what I mean? We get an IRC chat, we will get a website and so on.


    We may become some kind of actual order.

    And then the question will arise at some point how we handle rude behaviour among members of our order.


    Once again, taking back the title would be no option.

    But as a first reaction you could declare someone "shunned", which mean

    we don't recognize this person any longer belonging to our order.

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  3. Seeing the terrible harassment in the live stream comments last night made me cringe. I'd just like the Obsidian staff to know we're not all horribly misogynistic, racist, socially-stunted a-holes and we are sorry you had to see that.



    Hopefully the majority of your backers


    So, instead of seeing salty's post as a positive gesture of support towards Obsidian Entertainment,

    some people would rather discuss whether it is even possible to apologize on behalf on other people or not.


    That doesn't even matter. What matters is that there were rude comments and this thread

    could be a counterpart to those rude comments where we show Obsidian that there is

    a nicer side to the internet as well, and not just the one they experienced on the stream comments.


    Of course the guys at Obsidian know that and they are mature and can handle things like those rude comments.

    That's not the point either. The point is just showing them actively support.


    But some people here seem not to want to support that, and

    deprive Obsidian of the possibility to experience the opposite of what happened on the stream-comments.


    Sadly, those people prove that the OP was right in the first place.


    Do we really want to make salty to have to apologize for starting this thread?

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  4. How do PayPal backers affect the Mega Dungeon size?

    It counts toward the Mega Dungeon! We hit fifteen (15!!!!) levels!


    Will Facebook Likes still count to a larger dungeon?

    Yes, for now they do! Come like us quickly and maybe we can hit the 40,000 likes for one last dungeon level. But it’s for a limited time, so… like us! Please note: If you clicked Like on our Eternity home page, that doesn’t qualify – we need likes on Obsidian’s Facebook page!

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  5. My Brothers and Sisters and Fellow-Marshmallows!


    It seems Obsidian Entertainment needs our help once again.

    The Mega-Dungeon has reached 15 levels (with PayPal).


    But we can add one more level if Obsidian Entertainment

    gets quickly 40.000 likes on facebook!


    So, spread the word!


    Check out the latest update.



    How do PayPal backers affect the Mega Dungeon size?

    It counts toward the Mega Dungeon! We hit fifteen (15!!!!) levels!


    Will Facebook Likes still count to a larger dungeon?

    Yes, for now they do! Come like us quickly and maybe we can hit the 40,000 likes for one last dungeon level. But it’s for a limited time, so… like us! Please note: If you clicked Like on our Eternity home page, that doesn’t qualify – we need likes on Obsidian’s Facebook page!

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  6. Oh yes @Raccoon you are right, I was too unspecific.


    I only like to digest good-aligned paladins^^

    Especially Lawful Good ones.


    Evil-ones I call "Blackguards" and I shall applaud their doings.



    Note: This post contains contradictions to what sistergoldring just posted.


    We shall discuss this another time. Fluffy needs some sleep now. Good night :)

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  7. Hmm I cant decide on this issue with membership.


    As long as Kickstarter was open, anyone could have joined with or without rasing his/her pledge.

    So the actual, real, controllable prerequisite for joining the order was posting that you have upped your pledge

    before Kickstarter closed (no matter if you actually did it or not).


    If we now start to make exceptions, it may occur that other people

    will post here as well, and want to join, saying they have upped their pledge.


    We cannot control if anybody has upped his/her pledge.

    As I just said the REAL prerequisite of joining the Order was posting BEFORE

    KS ended. That prerequsite cant be met anymore, now.


    That's just my point of view.

    For everyone who really raised his/her pledge and

    out for some reason could not join the Order yet, I hope that Farudan

    does not share my opinion.


    But even if you cannot join anymore, remember:

    The point was to give OE more money to enhance the game.

    Even if you cannot join the Order anymore, you still have helped

    enhancing the game.

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  8. Honestly, I would prefer the developers decide on where they want to put their effort.


    Can we agree that we will not agree on everything concerning romances?

    In my eyes there is no way to please everyone.


    In my eyes, a video game is a piece of art, just like a book, too.

    And we should respect the author's/artist's/developer's decision

    to create his/her piece of art s/he wants.


    I do not need certain romances to be included to meet quotas.

    I want romances to be included because the artist has decided

    that it fits in his book/video game.


    The point: "But romances are optional, you do not have to use them!"

    is met with the point "But if there were less or none romances at all the developers could spend time on other things"


    (And btw, will people agree on which these other things should be? Most likely not I fear)


    And if the developers do not wish to spend time on something else?

    What if they want to spend time on including romances, because

    they believe it enriches their piece of art?

  9. Dear Obsidian Entertainment,


    Congratulation on your success at Kickstarters.

    Now that you are able to fund the game of my dreams,

    you will soon get a list from me of things you have to

    add to the game and things you must not add to it.


    I demand that you stay true to this list.

    Please do not add ANY options to the game, but

    specifically only make my wishes come true.


    This may sound selfish at first, but please

    hear me out: The deal is, I know best

    how to enjoy a game.


    The problem with options is the following:

    People will not be able to see

    the only way, my way, to enjoy this game.


    Options will make people confused.

    Options will make people go astray from

    the path of true enjoyment.





    1) Should each level of the

    Mega-Dungeon have exits to the surface?


    No absolutely not. The only way, my way,

    to enjoy the adventures of a Mega-Dungeon,

    is the real competition of not having

    these exits.


    Now consider this: If you really added

    some exits in this dungeon on lower levels,

    people could become confuse and actually use them

    and thus turn away from the only true way, my way,

    to enjoy this game.


    Worse still, I could feel forced (!)

    to use these exits as well, and then I could not

    enjoy the game anylonger myself.


    This would be irresponsible.




    2) The resting system.


    Let's have a look at Baldur's Gate for this.

    In Baldur's Gate it was possible to

    rest whenever you liked, refreshing, and thus

    setting back your spells.


    This however makes absolutely no sense,

    because people only sleep when they are tired!


    The problem once again is:

    When you do it like Baldur's Gate, people have choices.


    There are people who only rest when it

    makes sense from a roleplaying-view in the game.

    And there are people who abuse this system

    because they just want have an easy game,

    and get their spells back.


    Of course, the only way

    is to make sure that everyone enjoys the game

    the most, thus playing it the way I do

    (which is only being able to rest when

    my characters are actually tired).


    Worse, if there is the option of resting

    whenever you want it may force me

    to abuse the resting option as well!


    This would be irresponsible as well.


    The third example would be romances. But I

    respect that this topic is temporarily banned

    on this forum, and shall thus refrain from elaborating.





    Dear Obsidian Entertainment,


    I hope I made it clear to you, that

    you have no choice but to make the game the way

    I enjoy it most.


    Everything else would be irresponsible.



    Expect my list of do's and dont's to arrive soon.



    Yours sincerely, Fluffle

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