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  1. It might have been mentioned somewhere, but I missed: "Project Eternity" is a working title of the game, so... the design of, say, T-shirts will be changed along with the game's title, right? Or wrong? Ouroboros without any titles was cool BTW. Oh well.
  2. I've upped my pledge as soon as I read about that stretch goal. And not for the add-ons (I don't want any of those... probably because most of them are already included in my tier ), but because oh how I wish George Ziets worked on Project Eternity! Mask of the Betrayer is one of my favourite games, if not the most favourite. My card doesn't share my enthusiasm though
  3. I feel I'll miss this Kickstarter campaign a great deal when it ends. It so happens that the first opportunity I have to read the update is when I get to my work place due to the time difference, and it makes my morning and the following day brighter. Like my personal holiday everyday this month. So I'll join AGX-17 and all the other people who said it before me: No, thank YOU, Josh Sawyer. THANK YOU and everyone else at Obsidian for all this.
  4. THAT is the most reasonable thing to my mind. Because, you know, cats-rats-birds-dragons-talking_foodstuff is too specific. Giving options? That's too much to ask, and not quite fair concerning lower-level pledgers and those who'll miss Kickstarter. As a maximum — we could customize the colour of that floating thing, maybe it even could have some meaning, without affecting actual gameplay though, and that's that.
  5. Don't you have cats at home, people? They sleep half a day. And go everywhere they really SHOULD NOT. All the traps of Endless Paths will be theirs, seriously. Okay, the first nine, and then you're on your own. I mean, they are nice home pets, but the game doesn't sound like the Sims to me.
  6. Pet... I'd like to have some world-specific creature beside me, one that have no analogies anywhere, probably somehow connected to all that soul-stuff of the game. Or not. Simply endemic. And probably fluffy with big ears
  7. Hello to you too, First Cipher And I'm glad to be here... well, will be, after the update (oh please don't forget about me and don't make me play tricks with your souls muahahaha... just kidding... maybe ) Bend more souls you say... That's... a great idea. I even have a plan of sorts, but for it to work I need to know who is that distributor who'll make russian translation for PE. Disturbing question really.
  8. But that's... even better! I'd like to join the Obsidian Order as "Veiled Cipher of the Obsidian Order" I have raised my pledge by $8. Yay!
  9. Could I please-please be the next in line for the "Cipher"-title just in case Technatorium changes his/her mind again?
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