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  1. Another cool update!!! This confirms that my decision for backing this project was the right one ... Regarding the discussion about the stronghold's content I see it this way: the stronghold is nothing else than a built-in-already-payed DLC or expansion pack or however you want to call it. Like the DLCs in other CRPGs you can get the content only if you play the DLC through. You don't have to do so if you don't want to, but you also can't expect another way for getting the bonuses and items and companions bound to this DLC. The same applies to the big dungeon too. Running the dungeon
  2. Hello everybody First I want to thank Tim Cain for this cool update. Item durability ... hm ... It's a quite interesting idea! Many of you have talked about BG2. I really loved the game but it was a shame, that many interesting items were only good enough to be sold as soon as a better item was available. I like this item property as it adds a tactical aspect to combat. It force the player to put the beloved and preferred "Mega-all-bad-guys-crushing-deamons-killing-speed-giving-fireblade" away and use the "Not-that-good-but-still-good-enough-for-this-fight-weapon". Durability for
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