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  1. Just stopped by and read the gold announcement. I am so excited. So thank you, to everyone at Obsidian, for bringing back a kind of game I loved so much so many years ago. Looking forward to utterly losing myself in Pillars of Eternity.
  2. I like the idea of some horror elements. Heading in to what seems like just another "clear out the monsters and take their stuff" kind of sidequest, only to discover the whole place is ridiculously dark and there's bizarre things painted in blood on the walls because there's an ancient ritual going on here and what people thought were monsters were cultists bonding parts of dead beasts to themselves and now you suddenly have to stop them from summoning something horrific... yeah, I'd enjoy that. ^_^ The thing is, atmosphere is going to play a huge role in making any horror work in this g
  3. This was a great read. I mostly play games like this for the story, lore, and characters, so I hadn't thought much about AI programming and all that goes with it, but this was really interesting. One of the things I really enjoyed about the BG games was getting into a tough fight and having to figure out how to beat it through something other than brute force. Now I know who to blame when that happens in P:E. And flails! Yay! Also: I'm originally from southern California, so huzzah for Wahoo's Fish Tacos! And the office that goes out to coffee together works better together; I've ex
  4. Seconded. It might just be because I'm waiting for my cooking to cool, but I'm always looking forward to new recipes. If they come from a game like this, so much the better. I can just imagine bringing a new dessert to a work potluck, and when someone asks me where I got the recipe, I rattle off a bunch of world details from PE, and confuse the hell out of them. ...moreso than usual, I mean.
  5. Heh. I can have all the expectations I want, but it's Obsidian's game. They'll do what they wish, and I hope I'll enjoy it. As for what stopped me in PS:T, I think I got too far in the story without leveling up my characters enough. When I finally left Sigil, I was at a place - it's been too long, I'm not sure where it was - where everything was beating the tar out of me on a regular basis. Or maybe I just wasn't very good at the game. It's still sitting on my shelf, I should reread some stuff a friend sent me about how to play it on widescreen and give it another go.
  6. Voted for multiple; I'm mostly here because of the Baldur's Gate games. Even after all these years, those are still some of the best RPGs I've ever played. If the companions in PE can be half as nifty as the group in BG2 (and can initiate conversations a little more), I'll be very happy with this game. ^_^ I played Planescape: Torment quite a bit, though I never was able to get all that far. It definitely went both broader and deeper with characters than most other games I've played, though, so I'm looking forward to that kind of storytelling.
  7. Been following this game since I first heard about the Kickstarter, but hell's bells, this update has finally convinced me I need to pledge instead of just waiting for the full version. I utterly love what's being done with class design - as much fun as I had with the Baldur's Gate games, not truly being able to make the kind of warrior I wanted never quite felt right. Can't wait to make the kind of agile fighter I've always wanted. Also: love the art. There's a lot of personality in those characters, and I can't wait to face off against that tentacled thing. ^_^ And thank you, thank
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