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  1. This. I distinctly remember getting that rank every time at that conversation (the caravan trader) in the unpatched launch version, and pretty much one other rank every time I made a choice up to the inn (didn't play that version further, decided to wait for patches at that point). Once it got patched rank ups became really rare, maybe 1 in 5 or more choices. Given that you even get the tutorial popup this still does look like a bug.
  2. Thanks, that's not a bad increase. Not as good as the continuous regen of a fighter though I guess.
  3. Thanks for the replies, got to admit the spell system is actually a nice improvement over D&D.
  4. Started a couple new games since patch and noticed that I am NOT gettign disposition reputation most of the time when I should. Seems to actually grant it maybe 1 in 3 uses of a disposition reply. before patch it was one per. Just started a new game, and even got the popup that I had just gained it, but nothing there! Here's a screenshot just after getting the popup and not getting the reputation:
  5. Any way to use multiple copies of the same level spell? In D&D you can, but here it seems you can only use each spell once? Pity, often there is just one or two usefulo spells per level, and you can't even fill all your slots unless you have kllearned 4 spells of that level.
  6. Thanks, suspected it might be some kind of revive effect (he's a follower of Eothas, god of rebirth after all), but still would be nice if items had a bit more info...
  7. Some items come with enchantments but it's not always clear what those do. For instance, Eder's chestpiece comes with both +3 piercing dr and something called second chance. Oddly second chance is not listed in his character sheet. Now one is clear but what does the other do, and is there anywhere you can see a description for these effects? The item description just lists the enchantment names, and so does the enchantment menu. Mayn effects are either unique or otherwise not listed in the enhantment menu yet, so can't look them up there, either. And no tooltip top be found. Where can you find more info? There ought to be a mouseover tooltip for item enchantments.
  8. Thanks, read them all as they seemed important what with the weird vision effect and all but the stories just tend to be long, distracting and silly...
  9. Any way to spot if a character is a backer NPC without actually "talking" to them? There are too many, would be nice to just skip them.
  10. I dislike all the violence in the game, please change all fights to peaceful, constructive, endless debates instead. And weapons have to go, maybe flower bouquets instead? With butterflies?
  11. What a shocking amount of fixes, now I see why this patch took so long to arrive...
  12. Quote from that tweet: The next patch for Pillars SHOULD be able to restore MOST of the stats bugs that people are encountering.
  13. You're sure that you've understood how health and endurance work in this game? I'm pretty sure holy radiance doesn't recover your health. At least not in my game. Are there any abilities/spells that heal health at all? Seems everything just refreshes endurance and only potions and rest restore health.
  14. Quite disappointing lack of timely fixes and very little communication from devs in general. And no publisher to blame it on.
  15. Hmm how did I miss that, i DID check keybinds. Thanks a lot, going to do that right away. Odd this isn't in the game options menu though.
  16. Please add a toggle for show all items, having to press TAB is rather clumsy, especially with a strained wrist...
  17. Oh great, I have used double-click all the time to swap gear. Weekend or not, this REALLY warrants a dev reply, quick-like...
  18. No, it's not like some old games that only had a voiced first line and the rest was mute, it's somewhat random. I suspect some lines were changed or added after voice recordings, they should get full voiceovers too. It's awkward as is now.
  19. Why are so many voiceovers missing? In most conversations there are at least 1 or 2 lines without voiceovers.
  20. Greater lay on hands is supposed to increase the power of lay on hands, but if I take it at levelup the healng shown in its description is exactly the same as before...
  21. So far PoE has been a bit of a nice timewarp, but I think some things could be better. One of those is the lack of any party AI. Would be nice to have some party AI setting aka tactics to cut down on micro management.
  22. Thanks, just noticed the same thing. Wonder how it got toggled to the chest in the first place...
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