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  1. Pure torture waiting for this workday to end whilst the game downloads at home... :'C I'm going to be all *tire squeal* on the way out of the parking lot today. :D
  2. I believe my K is missing as well (as of this moment, anyway).
  3. When you say combined, do you mean that the books were back-to-back in one bound copy? Or, were the chapters actually placed in relative chronological order from both four and five? I know that book four runs concurrently with book five, and it was split by POV due to length. But, I would really like to have read it in massive tome format, getting to see more of my favorites like Jon and Dany. I use a Nook (e-reader) so the size wouldn't bother me. I've been wanting to try a book 4/5 combo read. I've seen several strategies on how to accomplish this (chapter order) but have yet to try
  4. Oh yeah, I don't blame you. The morbid part of my brain likes to remind me every so often (okay probably more often than that) that being burned is entirely possible.
  5. How many times have you read them? I'm pretty hooked too. Read the first three almost a decade ago and then had to wait it out for books four and five. I don't typically do internet forums/commenting type stuff, my two exceptions are an ice and fire fan site, and then more recently, this (sucked in via kickstarter).
  6. Yeah name him Ghost anyway! It's fun when people ask what the dog's name is, mostly I get a weird look. Some people ask why she's named that. I usually stick to "Named after a wolf from one of my favorite books" to keep it simple, then if people ask further I'll explain more. It's crazy though, she's going on three years old now and not ONE random stranger has gotten the reference. Hopefully someday... Enjoy the rest of the books! They are wonderful.
  7. ' YAY! My dog in my avatar is named Ghost (yeah, she isn't white. I just appreciated the relationship between Jon and Ghost in the books so decided to name her that anyway)
  8. White chocolate is just too sweet for my tastes. Anytime I see the word cacao I want to say it like a crow might say it.
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