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  1. Looking through the previous posts on this forum, it seems that there's often an implicit assumption about whether a "tetris-style" (a la The Witcher or Torchlight) or "list-style" (a la Fallout 3/New Vegas) is being used. Can you clarify that? Personally, I'd prefer the latter with the tagging I discussed in another post.
  2. I personally prefer a more Fallout-3-style inventory system where you work with lists of descriptions, rather than icons. I think that could work particularly well if, instead of having fixed categories (weapons, clothing/armor, ammo, consumables, and the dreaded and always-overflowing "misc."), items instead had tags. Some of these would be preset, such as the categories above, but you would also be able to create your own tags, such as "favourite-potion" or "always-sell" and apply those to the potions you most frequently use or types of items you never use (e.g., arrows for a bow you can
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