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    Am I the only one who can't cope with words like "Elardh Dwr", "Frermas mes Canc Suolias" or the name of the banshees? I wish I could, but whether my head nor my tongue knows how to handle these. Will there be something like a pronounciation guide in the collectors edition of the game? :ermm:


    Says the person who is a landsknecht!


    I have a trick I tell my students to use when encountering archaic words in their readings that they think they can never pronounce and hence never remember, which seems like a good strategy for single player gaming environment. When you come across one of these words that blows your mind, just try to say it out loud. You may not even come close to pronouncing it correctly, but that is fine. Once you create an audible version of the word, you will remember the visual markers better. I know it may offend some of our "nerdy" sensibilities to say something incorrectly, but in the long run it will be more enjoyable as you won't be searching for the meaning of the term as much as you will have an easier time remembering it. 


    As an aside, the name of the order of paladins reminds me of the name of a nice French I had the other week. 



    mmmMMmmmmm..... Knights of Camembert......





    That's why I didn't use Landsknecht as my nick .. ;-)



    Hat plume!!


    And those miniatures are kickass.


    Maybe tone it down to one feather? I'm a fan of silly hats, don't mistake. If they're in I'm giving everyone in my party their own unique silly hat to wear. But there's such a thing as TOO silly. I think the leftmost pushes it a little over that fuzzy line.

    don't think these hats are silly. actually, they are designed on a historical basis. just google "landsknecht" and there you are. :)


    BIG like for the hat plumes! :)





  3. persuasion, I love it when I can open up new dialogue (but there cannot be no % success indicators, you should just have to choose a thing to say and figure out if it is going to work based on how you read the situation.)


    me, too. additionally i also like pickpocketing, if it is implemented well enough. because you can solve quest another way and get special items you normally wouldn't get.

  4. So, how do escapism and extraordinary experiences necessarily equal spikes and massive shoulderpads?


    'Cause they look cool and don't exist in the real world.


    1) "cause they look cool" is subjective, many people would dispute this.

    2) "don't exist in the real world" - neither do shoulder pads made of living radioactive jelly eels. Are those fun? I think they're quite retarded, as are spikes and massive shoulderpads.


    Try this for an extraordinary experience - wear massive shoulder pads with 2 foot spikes and lift your arms. We'll all be happier if you do.


    i really agree with you. but give radioactive-jelly-eel-shoulder pads a try first :D

  5. You see? There the fun begins!


    Well "Kerfluffle" should be easy: It's just like Fluffle, just with a "Ker" left to it -> Kerfluffle


    Then we have "pogus": which I pronounce like "bogus", just with "p" -> pogus


    So we have: Kerfluffle - u - pogus


    And now you guys got me...

    How to pronounce that nasty "u" in the middle?


    Of course I do know how to pronounce that... yeah I really do.... >_>

    This is just a test... of your devotion to Lord Kerfluffle.... uhm... to the Devourer of the Faithful!


    True believers will know how to pronounce the name!



    Alright I did some research... for you... not for me because I know how to say the name correctly!

    In German it would be something like "körflaffljupogus"

    with pogus like bogus I think... I mean I know...


    :D .. that really was a help. thank you ! there you go, my favorite smiley for you: :aiee:

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  6. Blessed be this thread with the presence of Fluffle, Fellow Servant of His Most Fluffyness, Lord Kerfluffleupogus, Devourer of the Faithful!


    May this thread be filled with sugary, pink, fluffy and cubic-shaped fun only Fluffle can provide.


    as a german, i really can't say "Kerfluffleupogus". It's anatomically impossible.


    edit: if this "Devourer" will be an easter egg in the actual game (which is more than certain) the german translaters will have to change its name.

  7. Hi All,


    As one of the enhancements for hitting the 4 million stretch goal, how about a different kind of pet for each different class? This would be fantastic if the base pet was a bird, for example:


    Class Type of Bird


    Wizard Owl

    Necromancer Raven/blackbird

    Cipher Parrot

    Rogue Magpie

    Fighter Falcon

    Paladin Eagle

    Priest Dove

    Druid Thrush

    Chanter Nightingale


    What do you think?


    What necromancer? Hasn't been confirmed, I think.

  8. Why also dragons? We already have Elves, Dwarves and Humans ... let OE be a bit more creative. There's alot of games of dragons. Let the developers do their thing. And while waiting for the release of the actual game you can play more or less recent "dragon games" like Skyrim, Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, Dragon's Dogma etc ... if the released game has dragons then, play it, if not, leave it.

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