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  1. Update from Twitter:



    Obsidian @Obsidian


    Quick #ProjectEternity PayPal update: $100,247 - Approx ~2050 backers


    so at this point we only need 100,000 dollar more to reach the last goal ... and with the 2050 backers we are also very close to the 11th endless path level. great news! :dancing:


    We also get another level at 65k backers. That makes 12 levels at least


    isn't that included already?


    3 level from the beginning

    + 1 from 20k likes

    + 1 from 52,500 backers

    + 1 from 55,000 backers

    + 1 from 57,500 backers

    + 1 from 60,000 backers

    + 1 from 62,500 backers

    + 1 from 65,000 backers (nearly done)

    + 1 from 67,500 backers ( nearly done with 2050 Paypal included)


    = 11

  2. No JUSTIN Sweet! Do it internally Obsidian and save money, have Rob, Polina or whomever you like make the portraits! :)


    I don't care who does it, just make sure it is not Justin Sweet!


    My avatar is less childish than you. :yes:

    So I am childish, because my opinion differs from yours? ^^


    no, because it differs from all the people in the whole world. ..


    just kidding ... silly nonsense ;-)

  3. I'd really like to see designs such as these :




    I'd love to see two-handed mace's (cudgel's?) or giant swords, but my character should be almost dragging them and attack very slowly (Unless having a ridiculous amount of Strength). Giant weapons generally, within reason and with realism/authenticity taken into consideration.


    EDIT: One tactical aspect of this could also be to buff my Warrior a lot with a Chanter, making him even more capable of wielding the two-handed weapons. So if he attacks super slow without buff's, I can buff him so he attacks "slow" or even "average".


    In other words it would almost be a disadvantage having a giant weapon, because it'd need an upkeep of 2 characters. However, tactically the two handed weapons could be advantageous (as they should be) against a large crowd of enemies (sweeping and cleaving attacks).


    Osvir, you might find this topic interesting : http://forums.obsidi...pon-mechanics/.


    Landsknecht for Eternity ... :yes:

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  4. Bump.


    and added 50$ to my pledge!


    Hey, did you join the Order? Not yet?! GO! Join!

    And get another copy of the playing cards. 2 Sets are better than one! :D


    what a wonderful pledginess! singing all the time:


    Come on baby,

    Tell me what's the pledge, pledge up, up, up

    Everybody say when you hear the call

    You got to get it underway,

    Pledge up, up, up, it's the code word,

    No matter where you say it,

    You'll know that you'll be heard.



  5. Another good update! Documentary is a nice bonus, and I'm sure the cards will be awesome too.


    Just wish I wasn't in the UK, I'd love to go for a physical tier but don't want to get stung by import taxes...




    I never thought about taxes either...

    here's the thing, in Germany you have to go to the customs and pick up your package. They ask for a receipt/document with the selling price on it to calculate taxes.

    How are we going to be able to prove the price? Will Obsidian include a receipt or send us one by mail?

    This could be a bit difficult seeing as it is not a buy/sell transaction really. Does anyone have experience with this?


    want to know that as well...

  6. I decided to lower my Kickstarter pledge to $8. Why?


    ... Because I wanted to switch to Paypal, on which I just donated $180. Take my dosh directly, Obsidian! Take it like the awesome devs you are! :bow:


    that's the right attitude!!


    added another 17 for the card addon and to get an even number. and because another fun addon has been announced for tomorrow, i will probably spend even more bucks. :bow:

  7. raised pledge again by 17, so that i could add on the newly announced cards + birthday present for my brother: what do you think is better, early beta access or digital copy?


    I'd get him a digital copy that way he'll have the game.


    but he really does like boxed games. and perhaps an early game impression makes him buy the boxed version himself. and by the way ... he has more money than me ;-)

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