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  1. From the wiktionary, the only dictionary that matters.







    mod +‎ -able[edit]Adjective

    moddable (comparative more moddable, superlative most moddable)

    1. (video games) That can be modded (modified by the end user).  [quotations ▼]


    God, awesome dictionary!

    But I think I can't easily use it. Our damn government set a firewall to every wiki websites :banghead:

    that really sucks ..

  2. The Stronghold. Not reached yet, but i am very confident that it is a realistic goal. And i really would like to see that you can make your own banner and coat of arms. What about you?

    Let me think... I need a professional housekeeper, a messager, a personal physician,a dozen of pretty maids,a bard who can write new song about my feat.

    And, I need an elite personal army, a coach who can train them stronger, a blacksimth so I can upgrade weapons and armors for my army. I need them to defeat mercenary from other country, greedy robbers, and evil dargon.


    I wsh to travel around the world to find suitable guys for my stronghold.



    Also ,I need a luxury hall, a billiard room, so I can set a wine party for my subjects, and play board game with my companions.



    That's all :ban: maybe more later~


    i think PE will be modable ... :-P

  3. Yup, seems like the orlan is likely to be the fifth race. Not terribly excited about that, to be honest. I've never really liked any of the short races, so they could have done better by me. Though the elves seems to be pretty cool in this setting, and the god-like could be awesome.


    please no ... that would be far away from being creative. i would like to see something you normally consider bad, like some kind of undead race, lizard man ... or just some weird looking humanoid with tentacles like mind flayers ...

  4. i really like all of this, even though i don't think the big city will ever happen ...


    BUT: i cant get used to the names because all of them sound like elven names ... way to soft and smooth ... where's the tension? the strong and brutal nations the strict laws. even if they are contained in the campaign they are not represented by the names...


    there is not even 1 "t" or even a standalone "p" in any of the pure proper names ... ("th" doesn't count)

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