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  1. I'd say find a game with good modding tools and learn some basic game logic programming/design, then go for something like Unity. As mentioned previously (by everyone, I believe) the pros are that you don't have to create any art/sound assets and can concentrate on learning game logic and scripting. If it's a good modding tool, you can start out with just fiddling with game logic design then scaling up to scripting when you feel you're ready. If you're interested in game logic and you already own OFP/ARMA1-3 I'd actually suggest trying that editor out as you basically only deal with game logic and in a very basic and simple way. Or, hey, Neverwinter Nights.
  2. I bought this game expecting to be bored by the lack of story and banal combat and give up about a third into the game. Imagine my outrage when I had to actually control my character in combat! Imagine the cold lump in my chest as it dawned upon me that the game had a compelling enough story to make me not only play it through once, but start over as another character! (And characters with more than one dimension?! You spit in our faces, Obsidian!) Is this what the Dungeon Siege franchise has come to?! It's supposed to be a tech-demo for streaming levels, not a game dammit! DS3 didn't even have to courtesy to wipe my saves, something DS2 had perfected to a fine art. The only positive thing about this travesty is that the controls can be bothersome at times. I may have to play the game in co-op before I think I actually got my money's worth from a Dungeon Siege game. PS. On a more serious note, the was positively fabulous along with the whole town of Stonebridge with its .
  3. There's a manual on the Steam store page for the game. http://cdn.steampowered.com/Manuals/901638...df?t=1308938477 EDIT: Although the in-game help is a bit more detailed, if I remember correctly. The "keyboard guide" in the manual was a revelation though... I didn't know you could press ctrl to pick up moneys and orbs, or that pressing tab can zoom out the automap (so that it's useful). Also F for inventory, etc. Anyway, I digress.
  4. The game runs extremely smoothly at all times except for a few points in each map. It hasn't really bothered me since Saudi Arabia, due to the lag placement being "smarter". I'll check around for those tweaks though, thanks.
  5. I bought the game back when it was just released on Steam and was frustrated enough with the game to put it on hold until just recently. The things that made me drop the game back then was the checkpoint system (I don't like being forced to play for a certain amount of time... I actually do have a life outside of AP) and the fact that the game lags horribly at certain points in the game. I presume this is when parts of the level are cleared out of memory and the next part is loaded... unfortunately these lag/load-points were always at critical points, i.e just infront of a camera or a group of terrorists. At one point the player character got stuck on a plank and I had to reload from the last checkpoint (about 15-20 minutes of gameplay lost). So, I dropped AP in favour of other games until just recently. The game does get a lot better after Saudi-Arabia. Moscow and Italy (which is where I'm at now) still have the lag-points I mentioned earlier, but they are in "safe corridors" so I've never been screwed because of them. Italy has actually been brilliant so far, especially the dialogue missions. I like that you're not rewarded or punished for your choices, but rather there are consequences, both positive and negative for them. In Moscow I decided I'd just go ahead and live with the consequences of my actions (both intentional and unintentional), never reloading unless getting stuck on a plank or small pebble. Since then the game has been a lot more fun. Also, silenced pistols FTW.
  6. Is there a huge difference in salary between composing music for television and computer games? He composed the music for Shark Attack 2, so i don't think he's too picky. Edit: Still going on about Mark Morgan here.
  7. Plot twist! :D Ps. A coherent world (i.e why build a settlement where there are no resources or other benefits? + trade between settlements (storywise)) and Mark Morgan as composer would be awesome.
  8. Since it's a roleplaying game, I don't really think there's anything wrong with how ME handles abilities (i.e pause and use ability). It's no different than how NWN 1 and 2 works and the actual shooting part is still up to the player, in real-time. Frankly though, I wouldn't mind if Alpha Protocoll didn't use (combat) abilities at all and left all the combat up to the player, and instead used an RPG heavy system for dialogue/hacking etc. I.e skip the mini-games, foo's.
  9. Xard: Actually, I wouldn't mind a minimalistic GUI. Since there's infinite ammo (which is a bit of a bummer), all you really need to show is a health bar of some sort. I'm guessing the interface will lean towards the Mass Effect one (since they've mentioned pause/tag multiple enemies). Naturally the inventory will be handled much better. Right, Obsidian?.. dudes? Meh, who am I kidding... I don't have any valuable input, I just want to see "moar" gameplay.
  10. No worries, I was just unsure as to why we were talking about the Codex all of a sudden. A bit more on topic, I'd like to see more gameplay specific screenshots or info. Screenshots just showing graphics might be ok for a shooter where the gameplay is pretty much known from the outset but this is an RPG and I'd like to know how the game handles and integrates that aspect. Btw, I take it the GUI is hidden in these screenshots?
  11. Hello guys, has rope bullets been confirmed yet? Or at least rope knives? If not, I request that the collector's edition will ship with a crate full of ropes! Also, Krezack, the graphics bashing wasn't from RPGcodex, it was from actiontrip. Having concerns about the writing quality is at least valid for an RPG. Not saying there are no idiots on the RPGcodex boards. It's an internet forum after all.
  12. That's really all i run around with. Pistol FTW! Ah! I'm really glad to hear that pistols only is a viable option. :D Now how about some Thief-esque sneak-gameplay? (or perhaps Splinter Cell would be a better reference)
  13. Silenced handguns? Count me in, Obsidian!
  14. The NWN2 toolset actually supports pen pressure? o_o
  15. I like the use of non-straight lines, dude! :D In reply to previous post: Lightwave has its issues, although I certainly wouldn't say that the modeller is the weak spot... it's more the Layout part (i.e animation, especially the graph editor). It's rather cheap though at 650 EUR (which is one of the reasons we use it here at the office, aside from FPrime, the ease of use of the modeller etc.) I've tried to use it for simple modding and the plug-in support for games is pretty useless (at least "back then", haven't checked with LW9+). The price tag definately matters for a small studio, and since we're not making games the quality of the product vs price is well worth it for us. The price tag on XSi, for example, is just a tad too high for us. The boss-man is talking about going over to Modo if the animation-part comes out good. Massive used it for modelling in World In Conflict. Personally, the paint and sculpt features combined with the UV tools is what makes my hands itch for it. Painting bump maps and stuff on the model (with OpenGL feedback) is a real time-boost. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up about a versitile 3D software. You should download the demo and give it a try... it's supposed to integrate well with other software, like 3DS max (read "supposed to"... I'd really like to hear how well it fits into a pipeline in reality).
  16. You have my undivided attention, sir! edit: Also, it's a shame that the majority of game-related plug-ins is for Max, since the modelling part of Max isn't all that intuitive. At least in my opinion, but I've got a 2D background so I like to just get in there and move things around rather swiftly, which is easier to do in most other 3D modellers. (Then again, I haven't tried all those modelling plug-ins that are supposed to make Max more artist friendly) Edit2: Hah.. I seem to have messed up a bit here... clicked quote/reply instead of edit on my post above ^__^;
  17. It seems that Obsidian is a bit behind the trend... You've put too much effort into obsolete technology
  18. If there's torture in Kotor, why can't there be a bit of torture in Alpha Protocol? Some form of rough interrogation is a must for Jack Bauer. It doesn't nescessarily have to be over the top or graphic.
  19. I'd love sneaking around with a silenced handgun. Weapon customization really ought to be in, especially in combination with them gadgets.
  20. Even though Thief III is slightly gimped compared to its predecessors when it comes to gameplay, the atmosphere is very much intact. I really loved the freedom of movement in the inbetween mission city. With rope-arrows and larger architecture, one can only imagine how grand the game would've been (or take a look at assassin's creed). I really should replay the game with my Alien Technology From the Future computer. Not sure if I have the patience to nerve the Cradle, or the Zombie boat mission again though. The biggest panic was probably the
  21. I'm finally playing MotB, and I must say I'm really enjoying myself. I bought it when it came out, but I was so fed up with D&D at the time that I just couldn't play it. I was a bit into ACT III when I stopped playing yesterday.(Le Spoilerette follows:) I've finally abandoned the Paladin class and gone for a fighter. It feels good to Intimidate people instead of using diplomacy. There's also a certain freedom to not give a damn what happens to my alignment. I chose feats that are considered pretty useless by most, so my brute weaponmaster is merrily wielding a greataxe* and tower shield. I guess the Gods of d20 will put him in the Wall of the Munchkinless for his lack of respect for proper powergaming. *= I'm not sure how weaponreach and stuff works in NWN2... I wanted to go for Halberds or Spears for the esthetic value, but went with the greataxe in the end anyway.
  22. I really hope ME gets released for PC as well. I'm rather sick and tired of Fantasy/medieval settings right now... Unfortunately for me, I'm not going to buy an Xbox just for ME, so here's hoping.
  23. ... although if the quality of their forum is any indication, this game is rather doomed. ;D I still haven't gotten any confirmation mail, and I signed up hours ago. btw, sorry about the double post but for some reason I couldn't find the edit button. EDIT: Hmm, can we only edit our posts once or something?
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