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  1. Exatly this, I lean more towards this type of time limit then say the original Fallout 1 time limit regarding finding the water chip and saving the various towns from being overrun by Mutants. However, I would much much rather a time limit then none at all, a la Fallout 3 - no time limit to find Daddy comes off as rather lame, there are no reminders to get the job done like in Fallout 2 with the dream sequences (made me feel guilty for f$ing around), there's nothing, which comes across as very inconsequential. Regarding the sort of time limits referred to in the blog surrounding item u
  2. Great post Chris, after reading your blog and trying to imagine the sorts of NPCs that you guys are planning to implement into Project Eternity I started to reflect on the NPCs that were available to you in the BG series (1 & 2). I felt that due to the lack of interactivity in BG1 you are largely left with self exploration of the story and surroundings, whilst the supporting cast of NPCs simply felt overwhleming, with many crossing over into eachothers roles and therefore making it hard to find a happy medium when playing the game (for me there were a number that just never made the cu
  3. Wow, there are so many different perspectives on this topic regarding Finishing Moves, I think after reading the majority of posts on here ,it seems that a few peoples want the cool looking death animations taken from DA:O and have them extrapolated and somehow placed into a 2D isometric game? Tough ask methinks, really depends on what you think you will be getting. Tbh, looks like most peoples are happy with standard death animations from BG series (ie burnt to death, electrocuted, disentegrated, frozen, shattered, exploded etc) and a couple of peoples like the idea of Fallout series (1 &
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