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  1. If there is a campfire when you rest ( a la dragon age ) make it varieble where the characters stand and what they do. Not every time the same positions.
  2. I didn't mean anything wrong with my previous post btw. I just sometimes wonder how women think about it. I didn't think about what was said in the link by shardbearer that they could break their sternum if they fall down. On the other hand, previous to last picture in that post still had some breast insinuation, and there the armorsmith said that it was fine like that. Again, not trying to get into a big arguement here. In a world where magic is real, I just sometimes think it's funny to argue over realism of other things.
  3. I think it would prolly be better to ask the women what they would actually prefer. And like Gfted1 said, some ladies could have a bit more filling up there that would make it extremely uncomfortable I think. Will ask the next women in full plate armor I run in to.
  4. boob plate or no, artistic liberty. It's a useless discussion. Personally I prefer the dwarf ranger, but it's still nicely done.
  5. Sorry, i got Torchlight instead of diablo :/ Thought it would be the wiser choice, with me hating blizzard these last few years and all
  6. Just use different splash screens with open areas drawn in there? They can use concept art. Maybe the game can use screenshots it takes at critical moments, blurr it around location where the characters are at that moment, and insert it together with small text of what happened? I would really like it to have the rememberiiing of how long it has been since you got to play last. I thi9nk it would be bothersome to constantly see the same thing.
  7. Something you can choose to invest in. Not swords or characters or anything like that. More like if you would choose to invest in an Inn. Something else you can do with your money xept for buying a new garderobe
  8. Nobody else is up for this idea? Seriously, you guys all have way more time to play then I do then. Thought it would have been easy to implement and people would like it.
  9. I have never seen any game in which the main character had to go to the bathroom. Must be extremely painfull by the end of the campaign
  10. I wouldn't mind if gold had a weight, but then they should use semi realistic prices. feeding a knight and his family for a year used to be between 60 and 100 gold coins. Buying a castle was around 350. Funny enough, a warhorse was extremely expensive, and was often demanded to be compensated if lost in battle. Price was between 60 to 300 for the best. The 138 shops on London bridge used to have an annual rent of 168 gold and 4 silver in 1365. Size of the coins was also a factor. It's actually really difficult to find exact prices, but most of the time, the gold was weighed and tested
  11. O, I would make it skip able. Not everybody would listen to it, or maybe even need the full recap. And turning it off in the options should be no problem. Also, the further in the campaign you are, the more they could narrow it down to key points, and maybe a bit more details in the end. They could make it a scroll by like Star Wars
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