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  1. I should have paid more attention to my gear bonuses when I started. I was trying to end up at 17-18 for Res and Per with items and overshot. I do have a save I could redo it all and take one out of Per for sure now. But I have enough gold to pay this way for awhile and see what else I messed up and then fix.
  2. So I finally did a respec. I like having all my talking abilities and haven't run into too many combat difficulties. I stuck with my old build until I hit 11. Just did this today, will play and see if I made a mess of it I have the Sanguine Plate and just put The Blade of the Endless Paths together, going to use that and I enchanted burning lash on it. Level 11 Paladin (Kind Wayfarers) Meadow Folk Aedyr - Mercenary Attributes (Breakdown) Mig 15 (13 +1 Human, +1 Ring of Wonder) Con 9 (8 +1 Ring of Wonder) Dex 10 (8 +2 Fulvano's Gloves) Per 19 (17 +2 The Core) (Not sure I will have this on all the time, wanted 17 for conversations) Int 14 (14 base) Res 18 (15 Base +1 Human, +1 Aedyr, +1 The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil) (I do have all stronghold resting things built. Trying out +3 Intellect now so will be Int 17) Skills Stealth 3 (3 Base) Athletics 3 (0 Base +2 Paladin, +1 Mercenary) Lore 7 (5 Base +1 Paladin, +1 Mercenary) Mechanics 0 Survival 10 (8 Base +2 Sanguine Plate) Abilities Coordinated Attacks Crucible of the Soul Dominion of the Sleepers Faith and Conviction Fighting Spirit Flames of Devotion Inspiring Triumph Lay on Hands Second Wind Speaker to the Restless Sworn Enemy Zealous Endurance Talents Second Skin Strange Mercy Intense Flames The Sword and the Shepard Scion of Flame Two-Handed Style Favored Dispositions: Benevolent , Passionate Disfavored Dispositions: Deceptive, Cruel Note: I have Pallegina in my party wielding Tidefall She has Righteous Soul and Aegis of Loyalty so is my Charm defense person Has Zealous Focus Hiravatas as my #6 but I keep rotating that slot as I find new people and complete their quests. PS Is there a sword named Firebrand? I can only find the Druid spell.
  3. Old thread but obviously a lot of people were unsatisfied with the ending of this quest. I was too. Playing a Kind Wayfarer Paladin with Grieving Mother in the party. I cleansed her mind, killed the cultists, sent her to the temple and killed the Lord . I wanted an option to expose him and either jail or kill him so she could then have the baby and basically inherit all his stuff. So I was not happy with the options for her or for him. I was hoping I would at least find her in the temple and be able to give her money. I was hoping I had something besides let him go or kill him. If I had to kill him I would rather it be while he was "resisting arrest" . Also I was surprised none of the villager conversations updated afterwards. No mention of the giant temple underground that I slaughtered? Or that the tanner was a cultist? What happened to all his guards? I was expecting some trouble from them but they were just gone. Maybe they ran out of time to finish writing and programming this quest? I understand there was no truly happy outcome for Aelys but there has to be a better one that alone, pregnant with no memory. Also as others said the Stronghold could have been used many ways with this. What happens if you don't cleanse her mind but kill the cultists and the Lord? Does she still try to kill the other members of her family?
  4. You know what I typed Athletics but I meant Survival , that is what I have put them in since coming back!
  5. I gave all my party stealth so I could sneak up on enemies. However, I have been putting all my spare points into athletics* survival since I came back to the game (I am level 9 now). Not sure if I want to respect the whole party but if I do, I would probably not bother with stealth or at least not so much. It is nice to get more of the map revealed before entering combat. I also did a save game, respecced and then reverted to another save. Basically doing a dry run , I wanted to see what the process was like. Also get some more hours in the game because I had taken such a long break. Enjoying it immensely! I think right before I hit 10 I will do the respec for real. Tyring to balance what I like for RP flavor, playstyle and effectiveness. *edited because I got athletics and survival mixed up
  6. This build? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85077-build-idea-the-damaging-healbot/
  7. I have been playing on Normal. When I stopped playing I wasn't enjoying the build that much. I did concentrate on the stronghold and the dungeon below and may have pushed things a little for my level. I am on the main quest story now and I seem to be performing well in battle. I did a search on Paladin builds and don't see any recent (Version 3+)Wayfarers. I did see some posts about Faith and Conviction being broken for PC Paladins. But hopefully that was fixed by now? So I guess I am more wondering if I am wasting any ability points? Is Res too high? Any talents that are working right?
  8. Hi, I backed POE and played for awhile at launch then put it down waiting for patches and updates and now a long time has passed and I am playing again. I haven't respeced my PC or NPC's but I think I should do that now before I go too much farther. I am at the start of Act II I believe (Never Far from the Queen) I like my race, class, background etc for RP reasons. (Also like using swords and heavy armor for the same reason). I am not trying to min max just make sure I am not making silly mistakes. This is what I am now. Level 7 Paladin (Kind Wayfarers) Meadow Folk Aedyr - Mercenary Attributes (Breakdown) Mig 14 (13 +1 Human) Con 11 (8 +1 Fine Plate Armor, +2 Whispers of Yenwood) Dex 10 (8 +2 Fulvano's Gloves) Per 19 (18 +1 The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil) Int 10 (10) Res 21 (18 +1 Human, +1 Aedyr, +1 The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil) Skills Stealth 6 (4 Base +2 Hedge Maze resting bonus) Athletics 7 (4 Base +2 Paladin, +1 Mercenary) Lore 6 (4 Base +1 Paladin, +1 Mercenary) Mechanics 1 Survival 1 Abilities Crucible of the Soul Faith and Conviction Fighting Spirit Flames of Devotion Lay on Hands Gaun's Pledge Second Wind Speaker to the Restless Sworn Enemy Zealous Endurance Talents Deep Faith The Sword and the Shepard Untroubled Faith (Paladin) Favored Dispositions: Benevolent , Passionate Disfavored Dispositions: Deceptive, Cruel Notable Gear Whispers of Yenwood Reliable, Slaying Spirit, of Constitution +2, Burning Lash, Fine Outworn Buckler The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil Fine Plate Armor Blunting Belt Fulvano's Gloves So anyway just looking for some advice on respecing my attributes and maybe skills and talents. I am not sure how many patches have come out since I last played but I have played a few hours the yesterday and today and the battles seems easier. How about the NPC, should I respec them? Eder, Kana, Aloth, Durance and Sagani. I believe I just accepted defaults on them. Thanks!
  9. Just for the uninformed, that is $24 million. Just for VO. I don't know about that. I read it as they would have needed 4x the voice over budget (a number we don't know), not 4x the whole games budget.
  10. I am going to email them. I was very disappointed with mine when it came. I just thought they farmed it out and didn't care. But mine is way worse than this one. Place the size of "Mercy Vale" and illegible in mine. "The Pearl Coast" is the smallest you can read. Although honestly that isn't real clear, you can figure out what is says but if the "A" from pearl was on its own you wouldn't know it was an "A". Really places the size of "Tribes of Eir Glanfath" are the size you can easily read. It is also very stiff, feels more like cardboard than cloth. Has big creases, avoiding those is supposed to be the benefit of cloth.
  11. I picked Baldur's Gate but it was a tough choice between BG and Icewind Dale. Basically a party based Isometric RPG is what hooked me, even though I also enjoyed KOTOR2
  12. Hi, I just changed my pledge from $140 to $148. I would like to be Paladin of the Obsidian Order Thanks !
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