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  1. You're the only one in this thread who agrees with Serdan, Ichthyic, and me on that first point. I'm pretty sure me and a couple other people did too, or you could just not acknowledge our existence since we disagree with the idea that the limerick should have been suppressed, so as to make all people who do hold such a perspective to be transphobic.
  2. So I'm seeing an argument with one side being apologetic for the idea of murdering half the species for the sex they're born with, and on the other side, a few people being transphobic. Well, I lean less toward the genocide apologist, but I'd also rather not be transphobic, and address people by th sex they identify with. However, it seems like nauance is often lost in these kinds of discussions.
  3. Pro-Tip: CEOs of a company will do PR and word things in beneficial ways. If you think it's plausible to change this practice, I've got a bridge leading nowhere I'd like to sell you. If you're so naive to not be on your toes about any statements a CEO, marketing director or PR guy gives you, then you're gonna be disappointed and confused quite a lot. You can gladly go be mad at Feargus for his statement being unclear or a "half-truth" in some ways, but I think you'll find you take issue with every CEO ever. Nah. I'm not mad about their PR statement. I'm just bringing it up
  4. Maybe I just missed it in this thread, but something I don't see having been brought up the fact that the update claims that every single other backer content addages had been thoroughly vetted. Every. Single. One... BUT this one particular memorial. Call me a tinfoil hatter, but that seems slightly implausible to me.
  5. Cool. My admission is that the guys from the Vailian Republic invoked images of Django when he was all dressed up in that outfit. That made me chuckle.
  6. In an ideal world, we'd all meet up and discuss the project over drinks. That would weed out the internet trolls and be more fun... if only. But, in all seriousness though, I once saw the subject of religion in the game come up and DIDN'T turn into a flame war, even after several replies. That must be some kind of record for civility on the internet. I like it here.
  7. It seems like people replying to my post are getting the wrong impression of what I was trying to say. Having differing opinions/likes/dislikes does not bother me in the slightest. It is a certain mentality which willfully rejects rational thinking that I find irritating. Obviously crude insults like "grow up" and such are only going to contribute to the general air of irrationality that surrounds any given discussion. All I'm trying to say that I don't think it is a good idea to find opinions that dismiss fact as valid as those which do not. If an assertion is unfounded, then it's inconsisten
  8. Indeed. Perhaps I should just point to the Lucas arts department in charge of that then because the novels were written for the promotion of the MMO. True that the remarks against Bioware were out of hand after the initial release, but after much the people who felt let down moved on, what's left nowadays consists about 80% of two groups: 1. The devotees. 'Biowares ending had no plot holes. It made sense. Shut up or you'll offend me!' 2. Conspiracy (Indoctination) Theorists. 'There's no way Bioware's writing could ever be bad like what we say in the ending. It MUST be an intentional pl
  9. The kind of fanboy I'm referring to would be the following (answering your questions): 1. A special kind of fan that justifies everything about a particular work and refuses to listen to reason in arguments contrary to his or her beliefs. 2. They aren't always acting annoying, but the act of being badgered for bringing up alternate perspectives by somebody offended on a personal basis is annoying. 3. Yes and no about being critical. They cannot be or accept criticism that disturbs their personal ideals of the work, but can be critical of the characters' actions within the story. Think o
  10. What I noticed about the factors that contribute to the decline in creative potential in fiction-loving communities is fanboyism. I'm not just talking about those who greatly enjoy a fictional universe, but those who think that the developers are infallible because they created something the fanboys like, therefor, any of your criticism is wrong. You see it with Lucas fans; the man did a lot to bring about the original star wars series, but did not do it without the essential production and criticism of others on the team; the story and universe were not his alone, yet he takes full credit
  11. Are you telling me prayer isn't a substitute for medicine?! You've offended the beliefs of me and my ancestors who got by just fine with an average life span of 30 years. When I was 14, I prayed that my wife be cured of her common cold. Low and behold, 2 weeks later, my prayer was answer. Suck on that, science.
  12. My condolences to your liver. My ancestors are 90% Irish/German. My liver had fun
  13. (Batman voice) but it is a sacrifice that has to be made. The player character is the hero the Eternity universe needs, but not the one it deserves. He/she is an unrecognized savior, a bargainer of souls, a players actions! back to what I was saying... I understand if the player character isn't liked in terms of personality for these kind of actions, but I think that it should carry a certain amount respect, even if unspoken, if the player's actions have done overall good at the cost of making him/her look bad. And Maddas, I agree that your proposed moral dilemma is more practical in a
  14. There has been project updates telling us about the fact that on game choises will make, in paricular, the condundrum of "kill one to save many" conundrum. Personally, i like to take a utilitarian (neutral good) approach to it. This is often evaluated by rpg's as sort of evil, but i like to play the character that also acts in favor in helping others. Do you think moral utilitarianism will be detrimental to reputation for being considered not morally praiseworthy?
  15. Perhaps it was my playing of the Presidential Debate drinking game (and it's effects on me), but I realized that there are many RPG's that allow you to drink, but not get drunk and have all the fun consequences of it. Just a fun thought
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