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  1. I don't believe there is anything you could call "fantasy music", since what people usually define as that is more accurately described as orchestral.
  2. There's a undertone in that answer, its not even an actual answer to the question itself. So why did he answer that way? @Casey Edwards: Like your stuff. Sounds good I just interpreted as typical "Need to give an answer but we can't/won't give a good one out yet".
  3. I just listened to "War Among the Stars"...and if you were to be the composer, I would not have any complaints. Loved the classically influenced stuff.
  4. You do realize there was a great deal more to the Witcher games than the sexualized aspects you just mentioned, right? If they followed in the Witcher's footsteps they would be on the right track in my book.
  5. Which means nothing. Companies make use of sound designers for promos like this all the time, and then they go out and find composers. Unless they have an in-house composer, in which case he will likely do both promos and write the score.
  6. Am I the only one here whom would love Lennie Moore? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIjwkdk1VNs
  7. I can help. Over the summer I arranged the .mp3 files into a formal soundtrack, complete with a nice cover. Email me with proof that you have the game, and I'll send you a link. doublehex168 at gmail dot com.
  8. Don't know where you saw that. I have seen more in the 12-15 hour category.
  9. I had a great time with the PC version, and considering it is probably just as good with Consoles, I'd say go with the official platform of the "Gaming Master Race".
  10. I'm a PC "purist" too because consoles are a bane to the gaming industry, they are the reason Crysis 2 has now worse textures than 4 year old Crysis 1, they are the reason for complete standstill for years in graphics and physics. Consoles are antithesis to progress. Let's be fair - Crysis 2 was still a beautiful game, and you only noticed those worse graphics if you actually went looking for it. The reason I stopped playing it wasn't because of the "bad" graphics, but because it was a bore.
  11. Hey, I am a hardcore PC Gamer. I play *all* of my games on the PC. If it doesn't come out for PC, I don't play it. This guy is beyond troll. He is just a deluded fanboy. He goes beyond me and my fellow Fallout 3 haters - he just makes crap up. I don't mind him not liking DSIII - hell, it creates a conversation. What I do mind is that he has no reason to hate it, other than it is not Dungeon Siege II. Is that a flaw? Sure. But this does not have "broken gameplay", "filler dialogue", and lack of mouse support.
  12. Holy Superlurker Batman.

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