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  1. Can someone tell me what the requirements for recruiting Mirke are? Can you recruit her as soon as you meet her as long as you have the DLC or do you need to accomplish the Fort Deadlight mission in a specific way beforehand? I ask because I want to recruit her but still assault the fort and I'm wondering if that's possible.
  2. This is the description of the Painted Masks quest in my save file The problem is that it doesn't match Aloth's attitude. According to my ending, and also according to his dialogue, he wants to dismantle the Leaden Key, not reform it. According to this website, there's an alternate description that actually fits Aloth's other ending If this bug is just a wrong line in the journal, then that's fine, but I'm afraid it's gonna affect the rest of the quest too. Does anyone else have any experience with this bug? Did everything function normally otherwise? Either ways, here's the bug
  3. Man, this is pretty disappointing. Known issue, but I just saw that Edér has the Night Market medallion even though he was the mayor in my ending. Apparently Aloth and Pallegina are having the exact same issues too, and this is obviously just stuff that we've been able to see early on, it's entirely possible the overall problem will persist even if the early stuff gets fixed. What a shame. Don't even know if I want to continue playing the game now or if I should wait to see how extensive the fix is. I don't want to have to start the game from the beginning if they end up being unable to retro-
  4. Probably a pretty minor bug compared to the other stuff in this board, but each time I load into a save and try to save later, it makes a whole new profile.
  5. An anonymous user on 4chan went through the trouble for most of them already already
  6. I'm not sure if it's kosher to post copyrighted art and ask for conversion, but if it is, I'd appreciate this portrait getting the watercolor treatment. I'm terrible with photoshop
  7. MaxQuest, could you post the full item descriptions for each of the items? Or, if that's too much work for you, tell us the console commands to gain all those items?
  8. My last save file is five hours behind where I'm at. Unfortunately the farthest auto-save is just on the cusp of the bug. I'd like to finish the game before December.
  9. Even without a patch, I'd like to know some way to be able to gain the ability to ask him about that bounty.
  10. I went to Tealdor and gave him the Gleaming Society bounty, he then told me he had two more bounties for me. The list had three options, one asking about The Disciples of the True Flame, one asking about Laenric, and one saying to leave. I chose to ask about the Disciples of the True Flame. When he told me about them, I left without asking about the other bounty and went to do it. After I was done, I came back and gave him the head, I was intent on asking about the other one, but now all that shows up is what's pictured above. I can only leave the conversation. I checked my Journal, an
  11. For the love of god, let us have a Stronghold, not a House. The difference between a House and a Stronghold is that the Stronghold improves depending on quests, the money you give, etc. Think Suikoden 1 and 2
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