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  1. I am a member of the 500 tier (think this goes to all people in 500+ tiers) and I think it would be cool if they took a picture of that plaque with all our names on it and post it on there site plus send a hard copy to the people that are on the 500+ tiers (just a thought/suggestion)
  2. I am for the Mature humor stuff not too sexy =P but you know funny for adults 18+
  3. Welcomes to the new peeps and a reminder for those that are interested in joining to up there pledge to 8 dollars cause we love 8s
  4. Mmmm Part 2 I know the usual where's my cookies thing but since im a spy I need a something a little quieter, so wheres my brownie? Oh and welcome new members!!
  5. I downloaded the diablo font and it types out in wordpad but when i copy and past it, it will revert back to block/type set lettering instead =\
  6. I am the Spy of the Obsidian Order. Going to hide in the shadows now. My pledge is now 508$
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