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  1. I personally don't think that carrying a limited pack of standard arrows would do any good if the slain enemies are almost constantly dropping them or if you can instantly teleport to the closest shop / craft them on the spot... and especially if the quiver's arrow stack has been made so small that you need to micro-manage them on every each other battle (I'm looking at you BG...). Might as well go unlimited then and make all the better arrows limited.
  2. I truly expected the sleeved versions to be cardboards, never even had a thought before that a word "boxed" coined together with old-school RPG would mean a flimsy plastic DVD-case. I'll rather change my pledge to a closest digital alternative than buy any environmental waste that doesn't really add anything to my game collection (= look good in the shelf and in the hands). I guess that the collector's edition at least contains a cardboard box, unless they're releasing the game with the biggest (plastic) DVD-case ever out there?
  3. A class combining fusilier, blacksmith and alchemy in one character alone would be in my interests. Crafting/alchemy could be used to develop different kind of ammunition, (useful) devices, traps and bombs. Since the souls seem to be clearly at the center of the story, I guess there will be a (dark) mage class specialising in harnessing the power of the souls for the greater good/evil. This class could be one of the most powerful mage classes in the game, but for having such a companion in the party or as a PC, it would also bring penalties in the long run when dealing with many of the wor
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