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  1. Oh here we go again... Methinks that they are already sharpening their pitchforks and readying their torches. Let me be clear about this [Obsidian] those people there do NOT have the well being of your company in mind. I sure do hope that when you made the change you did so solely because it didn't live up to your standards. If you changed it because of these people then you will most probably not be hearing the end of it before you remove it completely. Do not try to appease people whom don't care about you or your products. I really hope so. Let them screw Obsidian a bit more so t
  2. Very dissapointed Obs. All this over ONE lunatic. I feel tempted to falseflag about everything remotely ofensive. I'm glad we live in a world were the real Rance doesn't need to worry for sjw BS.
  3. The world is actually the playground of a secret higher god (the lesser gods being his servants). Where a series of Good races fight a series of Evil races (orcs, demons, etc.) to keep the ubergod entertained. Things like magic and Experience are constructs of the gods to keep a constant conflict, and the Choosen Heroes and Villains are just pawns to keep the balance. If one of the two factions achieves total victory and the world becomes peaceful the ubergod gets bored and resets (destroys) the system.
  4. Not another thread like this. The trolling is strong in this one. Ban the next identical OP.
  5. I want to be a dragon! Errr, I think is better if they only resort to ''changing'' the PC if there is a very good reason for that, and not just to emulate TES. Anyway I woud like to see some sapeshifting (aka Druids).
  6. As long as they keep it at the level of Torment or MotB I'm cool with it. If I see the smallest hint of this going in the Bioware direction I will just forget about this game. Like having that Edair as a bisexual LI. I don't have anything against having ONE (and not every damn character) of those around, but if the first character they show us ends up like that... well. Anyway I trust in Obsidian and their writers. Also stop making threads like this! If they are closed is for a reason.
  7. Long live and PROSPER, BRO! I support ''The face that never remembered'' for LI in Project Eternity.
  8. Meh, I think that fits better the hack&slash games, really. It feels to metagameish... I don't think it really fits a game like this. What I'm talking about is about legendary items that you find in pieces (2-4 fragments), and when reforged are some kickass stuff.
  9. In BG II you could collect fragments of different weapons which would allow you to reforge some powerful and legendary weapons. Any chances of seeing something like this?
  10. A black hound... that cannot be killed. Someone ''crazy'', with a (secret) double personality that shows up in the worst moment. Or a bunch of fragmented souls (One-of-many).
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