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  1. I'm with the majority; in the middle gravitating more towards BG 1 than BG2. Though I have also suffered somewhat from the "wilderness exploration boredom syndrome" I do feel that one of the major underlying issues was the fog of war. If the viewing range had been larger and I would not have spent hours obsessively 'clearing' the entire map I would have gone through areas, and thus hit the quests and events, far quicker. IMO, low content areas are fine as long they all do contain some unique features (landmark, encounter, side-quest, or as a stop in a major quest).
  2. Including a number of freely explorable low-content areas would, IMO, greatly enhance the game. One of the defining features of RPG's (or at least, what should be a defining feature) is the ability to choose how you play the game. This, IMHO, not only should this include freedom in character progression and the presence of side quests but also a large degree of freedom in exploring less central locations in the game world. Especially when a developper wants to define their game in large part by the world they have developed, including low-content areas is an excellent way to make the world fe
  3. We already have Skyrim. I really, really, really would like to have a game in which your choices actually influence the setting instead of giving only the illusion that your choices matter (how many games have a good/evil choice which only influences the dialogue after the final boss?).
  4. I concur, let's first see how much money remains after everybody has ponied up, kickstarter/amazon have withdrawn their share and all the physical goods have been produced/distributed. Since Obsidian apparently doesn't have any further stretch goals in reserve I would rather have they polish the currently available content then add more stuff which we won't miss and has to be forced in. Having a financial buffer in case of setbacks might be a very good thing, especially since the credo appears to be "it's done when it's done".
  5. Thought it over some more. A genuinely Evil path (note the capital letter). Of course, not the definition of evil most games use but a more lawful/neutral evil. You won't be able to wear an armor made from stitched together babies but you would be able to, for example, finish the warlock's demon summoning and use it to take over the city/kill that one guy/"defeat" it in the middle of town etc. Take over the local thieves guild and actually be able to act like a mob boss. Most awesome would be if you could actually change the game world eg: turning a town over to a necromancer/vampire coven and
  6. A lot of content I wanted has already been added. I actually wouldn't mind more money for the music, or some additional voice acting for the major characters (alternatively, semi-major villains such as bosses of larger quests). I also wouldn't be opposed to additional QA. Too bad one of this is sexy enough for a stretch goal in the closing hours of the kickstarter.
  7. Starting to feel the excitement from the first day again. Watching the numbers magically go up is strangely addictive. A second major city would be incredibly awesome. Cities make, in my opinion, the best setting for quests due to the presence of/interaction with different fractions/NPC's. Athkatla always stands out in my mind as one of the most amazing settings in all the games I've played.
  8. I agree with the majority that delays are acceptable if it increases the quality of the final product. Hell, I almost hope they extend the deadline by a few months for some additional QA and release an (almost) bug free product, if only to clear their name after their most recent games.
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