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  1. I demand that boots lose durability due to too much travelling by foot!
  2. This game can't have atheists because gods and deities have already been proven and seen. The whole point of atheism is that there is no tangible evidence of the existence of god, but in this game where clerics and priests of God X and Y are rampantly doing and performing miracles, atheism is just plain stupid. It should be more of like "non-follower". Awesome update on the stretch goals guys.
  3. I'm fine with gold having no weight as long as they don't use the line "It's worth more than its weight in gold" anywhere in the game.
  4. To the naysayers who think this is only good for "body count" play-throughs, who's to say that your non-combat skills would be ineffective in these modes? I mean, maybe talking your way out of combats and hostile situations would make these modes even easier than slashing your way through.
  5. No. A big no. Why? Hero likes the sprite of the "Elite Black Knight" Armor. It's black, it's spiky, it's pure awesome. However, he just got this set of "Radiant Dawn Constable" Armor, which is less good-looking than the "Elite Black Knight", but has waaay better stats and really shiny. So **** that, he'll use the Elite Black Knight's sprite for it. Suddenly, quest time! While walking randomly at some cave, you've fallen into the "Pits of Dark Darkness"! Turns out the Radiant Dawn Constable Armor has a quest attached to it! You must navigate your way out of this dark pit and your on
  6. It would be cool if the entire bestiary has a backstory for each entry. Like creature origins, its evolution, drops, habitat, diet, likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests, etc. Kidding on the last parts.
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