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  1. Tattoos would be awesome, why not include an already loved feature that can add unique bonuses and effects? Maybe some tattoos wouldn't work when covered by armor, bracers or something?
  2. The game is already pushing it for time, romances are only played by a minority of players and are basically a waste of time that could be better spent on quests, items, dialogue, spells, NPCs. Maybe include them in a patch or expansion down the line but I think romances should be last on the list of priorities.
  3. The Fallout system of pickpocketing is great, but I don't think you should be able to see the target's full inventory. Concealed items should need a high perception, possibly combined with a thievery check to account for experience. This would allow for more unique trinkets scattered throughout the world and who doesn't love unique items? Lucky Knucky has always been one of my favorite video game items - unique, interesting, not easy to find. It gives a little more substance and sense of achievement to a skill we are all bored by.
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