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  1. Also remember that GOG is polish company and it is easter time. No idea how strictly polish law follows religious holidays but I wouldn't hold my breath until next workday.
  2. Ffs... Why is respec topic always out there for all crpg out there. Not all games need or should have respec option. Games like this definitely not. Story driven games like Pillars of Eternity is a role playing game, not a power gaming click fest. You are going through the story through the character you have made. Role playing games reflect, to a degree, real world. And just like you are a sum of your life, is your character a sum of the experience he/she has gained over the story. You can't just unlearn everything and become something else and neither should your character in such a heavy story driven game. Having a respec in this game would be analogous to main character suddenly becoming something entirely different in a middle of a movie or a book that would completely interrupt the flow of the story.
  3. Yes for narrated sequences. Cutscenes are good at beginning and end like in BG, but story is best told by.. telling it. And I also agree that it is important to pick good voice to do it, and not just good in general but one that fits the overall mood of the story. BG has great voice for unknown, explorative mood that story line had since player was seeking his/hers origins. Total Annihilation (and soon to be made Planetary Annihilation, that I backed ) has a great deep voice for dooming mood.
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