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  1. ARE there people who are already streaming it, though? I thought there was an embargo until release. Maybe they should be reported? I'd have thought that they gave out copies to Let's Players early either so they can get accustomed to it (for streaming) or so they can pre-record their videos and upload them on release. Not for streaming it before it's out. (IF anyone's doing that.) In any case, I'm super excited! I kind of thought it would release today so that turned into a downer this morning. ^^ But I can handle 3 more days, I guess. Not sure how to manage my time after release though
  2. I know. Anyways those are not game magazines that are playing. They are just streamers, some are just players who just make a living by playing games and making videos. Most of them don't even review games. I guess Im getting old. I am not blaming anyone. I am expressing my frustration
  3. It's not messed up - that's the way it always works. Media gets a press copy of the game for reviews so they can get their reviews out on day 1 or before (whenever the embargo is lifted). Pretty much SOP. Yeah thats just fine. That part is not messed up. What is messed up is that there are people streaming it. And thousands of people looking it being played. And most of us just cannot... we must to experience it by ourselves. Feels bad, anyone?
  4. I also never planned to open my collectors box. I don't need the physical stuff to be there. I have the digital copy of the game.... Seeing how the poll is going (people want the incomplete box).. this is a very sad day I can imagine many people who were thinking like us bought collectors edition boxes and even the very expensive boxes with autographs now suddenly it feels worthless. I don't want to research how to wrap the box in plastic by myself... Please... rather give digital versions of lore books, manual, map etc to people and ship a complete, polished game box with the game in
  5. I'd love to see more wilderness areas and companions. I don't mind if it pushes the release date by a couple of months.
  6. I think they should be something similar to what the Infinity games had. Here are some examples from Baldur's Gate and Arcanum. "I told you I was sick!" "There once was a man named Don, who fell asleep on his lawn. They thought he was pretending to be dead, then a tombstone fell on his head. And now Don is long gone." "Here lies Kelly, an Atheist All dressed up And no place to go" "Hey who blew out the candle? Hello?" "Ray- who said, "This damn game will be... the death of me!"" "There was a light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately that light was a tra
  7. Jaffe, Omnipresent Authority Figure of the Obsidian Order... is honored to be part of this magnificent group.
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