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  1. hi everyone! It would be cool that the torso area have 2 layers of armor....like in the real world. For example chainmail 1st layer, cuirass 2nd layer; this will add more deep customization. And be available only to some classes like fighter or paladin, leaving other classes to have only one layer. Rage of Mages had this system and it was the only thing i really like about that game, it was very fun to build your character.
  2. "Special deaths/kills" when critical damage! Fallout 1 & 2 style, pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!! 3 or 4 specials for each waepon should do. that would be epic...
  3. I think a "house" like a normal house in "Fable" its useless AND boring...and doesnt add anything new. A good idea, in my opinion, its to add something like Suikoden 2 did, when your character (and allies) capture the vampireĀ“s RUINED CASTLE and use it as it base of operations. But implementing a deep RPG like customization, like defese improvement and upgrade, barracks for an allied (or own) army/ies, to put an example. Obsidian crew, hope u are reading this!!! Regards everyone. Ps: sorry for my grammar!
  4. mmmm I like Dragons, but i like them more if they leave super-ultra-rare items to loot!
  5. No, medieval only....unless they are very rare and can be used by specific races ie: Dwarfs, gnomes.
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